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Ancient Times to 1600 Clothing Portfolio

This page includes costumes from Barbarian, Byzantine,
Medieval, Renaissance, and Elizabethan time periods.

This is a small sampling of what we have created in the past.  

For custom made clothing similar to that shown here or in a different style
 please see our custom orders page then contact us for a price estimate.

Barbarian Loincloth!

Barbarian loincloth made from a coyote hide and burgundy leather cut in a flame design and laced at one side with black grommets.   Out of courtesy to this customer, we will not make this unique item again.

Jon in his custom created hoode.

Custom created medieval hoode.

Thank you Jon and Angela
for the great picture!

Kim Modelling Viking Tunic

Brown wool viking style tunic edged at neckline and wrist in blue wool.  Also shown here with leather hood and leather pouch made by Kim.

Mab in her robes,

Mab modelling her hunter green wool robe worn over a black linen under-robe.

Photo taken by Kate W.
Gambeson in action!

Thorvaldr modelling his trimmed linen gambeson made by us and smiting an unknown assailant!
Mab photographed by Kate W!

Mab modelling her robes. 
Photo taken by Kate W.
Viking Ensemble
Viking Ensemble
Viking ensemble consisting of rectangular wool melton cloak, Birka style wool tunic and linen undertunic, and Thorsbjerg style wool trousers.  All are based on archaelogical finds and are made from historically appropriate materials.   Photo thanks to Dan and Cynthia.

Textured Indigo Blue Wool Birka Tunic Textured Indigo Blue Wool Birka Tunic Clasp Detail

Textured Indigo Blue Wool Birka Tunic Cuff Detail
This Birka style wool Viking tunic was made from heathered indigo textured twill woven coat weight 100% wool. There is multicolored wool from the fabric selvedges at the wrists.   Clasp at the neck is made from sterling silver.  Seams are machine stitched and raw interior edges serged.  This fabric was a lucky find, and therefore this was a one of a kind item.

Viking inspired lady's outfit
Viking Lady Ensemble

This custom ordered outfit was inspired by Viking women's clothing.  It features a white cotton short sleeved gown with gold and white trim and a red linen apron dress with trim, faux amber bead and brass tone metal accents.
Medieval Ganache
This coat weight black wool melton hooded medieval surcoat is known as a ganache or garnache.  Pulled on over the head, it is open at the sides only, which can be overlapped and belted into place.  Currently available on our Coats and Robes for Sale page.

Waterhouse Inspired Embroidered Blue Gown Over a year in the planning, this gold embroidered blue wool flannel gown was inspired by a series of paintings created by John William Waterhouse.  It seems that not only did the painterly Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood share models, the models shared one blue dress between them.  This appears particularly in Waterhouse's "The Tempest", Waterhouse's "Ophelia" from 1910, Waterhouse's "Fair Rosamund", and "Meeting on the Turret Stairs" by Fredrick William Burton.  Waterhouse's "Destiny" may be the undergown by itself. 

Our version of this gown has a gold embroidered Art Nouveau design on the bodice that we digitized from scratch.  The sleeves are fully lined in hand dyed cranberry silk satin.  There is an invisible zipper at the front of the gown.  The full skirts extend into a train at the back.

Shown here with the red linen undergown (shown below) tucked in at the bodice, the undergown sleeves extend to the wrist. 
Red Linen Destiny Gown
Waterhouse "Destiny" Inspired Linen Gown
Red Linen Destiny Gown
Photo by Nina Rizzo. Copyright 2007.
This red linen gown was based on Waterhouse's "Destiny", which may also be the undergown to several other paintings.  This handkerchief weight linen gown had full skirts which extended to a train in the back and sliped on over the head.  We would be happy to make this gown to your measurements as a custom order - contact us for details!
Maxfileld Parrish Inspired Sapphire Blue Gown with Gold Lining and Quilted Corsage
Maxfield Parrish inspired 12th century style gown in deep blue cotton velveteen edged with metallic gold braid and lined with shot blue and metallic gold fabric.  Over top is worn a back laced old gold colored quilted corsage and tapestry belt.

Photo by Nina Rizzo.  Copyright 2007.
Early Style Doublet
My Lord Blackwater, My Lady Aubrey Wilkins
Photo by Nadia Ozanne

15th Century Doublet without Belt

Scarlet and gold late medieval cross between a doublet and a tunic that ties at the front and laces at the forearm.  Shown here with a linen undershirt.
Black and Gold Brocade Cotehardie and Black Wool Hoode
Custom ordered gold and black brocade cotehardie with working button front and decorative buttons on the sleeves.  Shown here with a black wool flannel hoode with long tail.
Red and Gold Brocade Doublet

Burgundy and gold Renaissance doublet.  Doublets may also be made with attached or detachable sleeves (not shown).  The fabric used in this doublet is no longer commercially available.
Renaissance Brocade Doublet and Cloak

Black and gold brocade doublet with vintage glass buttons, Legend shirt and black satin lined black velvet cloak.
Custom Silver and Black Brocade Doublets
Harley, Ben, Steven, Jessee and Paul wearing our Black and Silver Brocade doublets at Harley's wedding in 2010 in Australia.  The celebrant was Colin Phillips, and the photo is by Chasing Summer Photography and is used here with permission.  Thanks for the wonderful photo Susan!
Renaissance Style Brown Suede Doublet

Reversible brown faux suede and cotton twill doublet.
Available on our Mens Clothing for Sale page.
Black and Silver Paned Sleeve Doublet

This renaissance style men's doublet is made from black 100% cotton velvet lined with heavy matte black satin acetate.  Rows of metallic silver soutache and silvery gray trim have been individually stitched in place as decorative accents.  The upper sleeve is shot silver and black fabric paned with black velvet ribbon.  

Black Wool Doublet with Cream Matelasse Sleeves Black Wool Doublet with Cream Matelasse Sleeves
Matelasse Sleeve Detail This renaissance style men's doublet is inspired by several historic portraits which feature black doublets with cream colored sleeves.  This doublet is made from black 100% wool flannel that has been washed and dried by machine to plump it up, creating a soft texture similar to polar fleece.  It is fully lined with lightweight black 100% linen.  The skirting is longer than our usual doublets, and extends to the front opening.  Thirteen nickel colored filligree metal dome shaped buttons close the front - there is a historic reference for this style metal button that mimics the silk thread covered wooden bead buttons of that time.  The detachable sleeves are made from textured cream 100% cotton matelasse, and are fully lined with cream organic 100% cotton twill.  The sleeves are open down the sides and are held closed via buttonholes and ribbons.  

Red Shot Silk Dupioni Doublet, White Linen Blackwork Shirt and Cotton Velvet Breeches Red Shot Silk Dupioni Doublet, White Linen Blackwork Shirt and Cotton Velvet Breeches
Based on historic garments, this outfit included a red shot silk dupioni doublet, white linen shirt with embroidered blackwork at collar and cuffs, and black cotton breeches.  
The Elizabethan silk dupioni doublet was based on a historic leather doublet from 1567.  It was made from shot red and black 100% silk dupioni that was interlined and then lined with black satin acetate. The cut of this doublet is more historically accurate than most of our other doublet styles.  The original included pocket flaps on both sides at the front, only one of which was functional. Our version had two functional pockets for lightweight items at the front.  There were 9 brass filligree dome shaped buttons and loops for the front closure.  The shape and style of these buttons is historically accurate.

At each shoulder, there are black velvet ribbon loops for decoration, and black trim around all edges, including sleeves, skirting, pocket flaps, and collar.
Linen Doublet Breeches and Blackwork Embroidered Shirt This custom ordered ensemble was based on a historic leather doublet and linen shirt from 1567, and a pair of breeches (Venetians) from ca. 1615-1620 in northern Europe.  The cut of this doublet, breeches and linen shirt is more historically accurate than most of our other doublet and breeches styles.  

The doublet was made from brown linen lined with natural linen and featured historically accurate filagree dome metal buttons quite similar to the pewter ones seen on a jerkin at the Museum of London ca. 1560 which imitated the look of silk threads worked over a wooden base which were commonly used at the time.  The original doublet included pocket flaps on both sides at the front, only one of which was functional. Our version had two functional pockets for lightweight items at the front.

The Venetians were made from a beautifully textured brown wool tweed with flecks of black and tan, and featured matching filagree dome buttons.

The 100% linen shirt (detail photos shown below), featured machine embroidery in black on the smocked ruffles, high collar, neck facing, and at the cuffs in patterns very similar to the original garment rendering.  We used a dorset button (thread worked over a ring base) at the shirt cuffs.
Neck Collar Embroidery and Pleating Detail Shirt Cuff Embroidery and Pleating Detail
Custom Ordered Painted Velvet Doublet and Shirt
Christopher H in his custom ordered painted velvet doublet and Ren Shirt.  Photo by Shari Schoener:  Images by Shari.

Elizabethan White Linen Shirt with Blackwork Embroidery

Elizabethan style white linen shirt with blackwork embroidery at collar and cuffs.  

Available now on our Mens Clothing for Sale page.

Fabrice Linque of the Companie du Grand Veneur
Fabrice Linque and friend of La Garde des Lys at Les Invalides in Paris.  
For more information about Fabrice's outfit, see here.