Policies and Custom Order Information:

Below you will find information about each step of the custom ordering process.

Our goal is to design and create costumes for film/TV productions and professional performing arts groups in addition to producing high quality clothing for individuals and small groups.

Custom orders will NOT be discusssed by phone - please keep all details in one email.

Our small two person business appreciates your interest and we look forward to working with you.

We need the following information to provide an accurate price estimate.

  • Are these item(s) for a professional production?  If you are part of a performing group (i.e. Theater, Opera, Ballet, Christmas Carolers, Choir, Madrigal Singers, etc.), or are producing for film, tv or other media, please let us know your production deadline, the number of actors/characters/individuals involved, and what your specific design/construction needs are including multiples and distressing requirements. We can design a show from scratch, or can offer costume technician services for your design staff.

  • What is your deadline?  If your receive-by date is within two weeks, please see the "Rush Orders" heading below. Some custom made items are not available to be ordered on a rush basis, and may even require a month or longer to create depending on the complexity, fabric availability, embroidery, etc., and the orders already in our production queue. We may only be able to accept a limited number of custom orders during the Halloween season (August 1 - October 31) or while we are involved with a film or theater production.   Contact us to verify our current availability.

  • What type of garment do you want?  If it is an historic garment, please specify time period, style per each piece/layer, and location the garment would have been worn - i.e. 1860's ladies in London are quite different from 1860's pioneer women in Kansas.  If the costume is based on a character, please specify information about the character itself, including its origin.  If it is not something we have created previously, please provide reference images, a sketch, or a link to an appropriate website with reference information.  A list of the details to be incorporated into your item (i.e. shoulder tucks, hood or collar type, clasp or closure type, trim style and where you want it applied, etc.) will also be helpful.

  • Do you have a fabric preference?  Fabric choices will vary according to historical accuracy, the look on film, or the actual real life look as shown in museum and other exhibits, etc.  Other factors to consider are durability and comfort, your climate, and whether the outfit will be worn indoors or outdoors.  Please be aware that costumes designed and used in films or theater are intended to help bring a character to life and make the scene believable - the garments do not necessarily have to be comfortable or easy to wear, be flattering to the figure, or be durable beyond the shoot/run of the show.  We will not compromise our artwork by using inferior quality materials.  We do not create custom ordered garments from metal, leather, PVC, pleather (vinyl), true suede, spandex, lycra, knits, plastic, or foam rubber, or embroider on premade garments.

  • What is your height and size information?   (i.e. height, chest, waist around the belly button line - not your pants waist size - and hip circumferences)  This will help us estimate yardage requirements.  Please note we need your actual body measurements, NOT store bought garment sizes obtained from the labels, i.e. pants, shirt or coat sizes.

  • What is your budget range?   See our Sale pages for a general idea of our prices. We strive to offer handsome, durable, yet cost effective goods and garments professionally made from the best quality materials available.  Once we know your budget range, we can make suggestions for fabrics and design methods.

  • Are you an international customer?   International shipping information is here

  • Are you an in Virginia?   If so, we have to charge you sales taxes.

  • For more custom ordering information or measurement blanks, please see below.

The best way to reach us to discuss custom orders is via e-mail at info@twinrosesdesigns.com any time.

Surprise Gift Orders - why we don't recommend them.

Thinking about a surprise gift for someone?

Direct communication between us and the potential recipient is the best plan for optimal results, especially in light of our All Sales Final policy. With a surprise gift, precise measurements are difficult to obtain, individual style, fabric and color preferences may be different than the giver realizes, or there may be other factors (such as allergies) that need to be considered.  Over the past 15 years, we have found that most gift recipients enjoy being directly involved in the custom order process – selecting their own details, colors, and style points to make the end result exactly what they had hoped for, and this way measurements may be done accurately.  If the gift must be a surprise, it is still possible to directly obtain measurements – just don’t tell the person what the measurements are for! Contact us for details.

Custom Order Process Overview

Custom Cloaks and Robes:  If you are ordering a custom made cloak or robe, we need only the specific style information, your cloak or robe measurements from the links below, your contact information, and the agreed upon 50% deposit or payment in full to enter our working queue.

Estimates:  Please see the guidelines above for the detailed information we need to be able to provide you with an accurate price estimate. The final cost of your custom ordered garment will depend on the materials used, the level of detail, and the complexity of the garment. Labor costs are $35 per hour, which includes a limited amount of communication per order, design and research as needed, pattern drafting, cutting, construction, and preparation of the parcel for shipment. Hand dyeing, hand or machine embroidery, embellishment and distressing are other services we offer that are priced according to each specific project. All price quotes and estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. We reserve the right to decline orders.

We do not create custom wedding gowns or children's clothing for individuals.

Fabrics/Materials:   We do not work with customer supplied materials. We may occasionally make exceptions to the "no customer supplied fabric" rule for professional productions only (Theater, Opera, Film, etc.). We specialize in garments made from high quality natural fiber materials such as wool, linen, cotton and silk. We do not create custom ordered garments from metal, leather, PVC, pleather (vinyl), true suede, spandex, lycra, knits, or foam rubber, or embroider on premade garments. Some fabrics used in movie costumes may no longer be manufactured or may be otherwise unavailable, but we may be able find something comparable. We will not compromise our artwork by using inferior quality materials.

Contacting Us:   The best way to reach us to discuss custom orders is via email. If you do call to discuss details regarding a custom order, we will ALSO need an email with the same information to add to your file so that we may refer back to it during the patterning and construction process.

Knockoffs:   We are happy to create a custom costume designed and made from scratch or based on a particular character or historical reference, but we will not knowingly replicate a costume that is original to and available for purchase from another vendor. Out of professional courtesy, it is our policy to always refer these order inquiries back to the original manufacturer whenever possible as they have spent a long time creating the style and pattern, sourcing the material, and creating the photos and description of their item(s) and therefore are the best source for that garment.

We offer costume design and construction services. We are not alterations experts, tailors, or seamstresses. We do not offer free how-to advice for projects you are working on, or provide information for school reports. For those unfamiliar with what a costume designer does, there is an excellent description on Wikipedia here.

Payment Information

We accept credit card and PayPal account payment online via PayPal to the email address sales@twinrosesdesigns.com.

We also accept personal checks and money orders via regular mail. Please make payments out to Twin Roses Designs and send to: Twin Roses Designs, 237 Solar Street, Bristol, VA 24201 USA.

If you are an international customer, please use either PayPal, Western Union or an international money order payable in US funds. Airmail shipping will be calculated based on garment weight and value. See our Shipping page for details!

If you are paying via Western Union, please email us your ship-to address, and which item(s) you wish to purchase so that we can process your order and calculate accurate shipping cost for your specific order. We will also need the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), your full name, your phone number, and where the money is being sent from (city, state, country).

Definition of Custom Order Receipt

Once we have your measurements and final design information and a 50% non-refundable deposit (to cover partial costs of fabric, notions, pattern drafting, and labor time to include limited emailing as necessary) or payment up front, we will begin processing your order and enter it into the production queue. If your order total is less than $300 USD, we request payment in full up front. If the total is greater than $300, it may be split into two payments. The remainder of payment (if applicable) is due upon completion of the garment before shipping. Payment in full must be received within one month (30 days) of completion of the order or the deposit is forfeited and the item will be sold to recoup our costs.

Orders are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. We may be subject to prior booking without notice during the negotiation/price estimate stage of the custom order process. Until all three parts are received (final design details, all required measurements and the deposit/payment up front), the order is NOT considered to be received.

Rush Orders

For in-stock items, contact us at (276) 591-1113 during our business hours (Monday - Thursday, noon to 10 pm Eastern time) to confirm garment availability and accurate FedEx overnight shipment cost based on parcel weight and your location. We will need to know which in stock item(s) you would like to purchase, quantity per each, and your location with zip code to calculate accurate shipping cost.

A custom made garment due within 2 weeks or less is considered a rush order. Some items are not available as a rush custom order. Contact us by email with your design information, the receive-by date, and to verify our current availability. Orders are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, and we are subject to prior booking without notice if your order is not finalized. Your garment(s) will enter our working queue after we receive your final design information, all required measurements and prepayment in full to expedite shipping upon completion. Rush orders are subject to an additional 25% fee and will be sent via FedEx overnight with the appropriate overnight shipping charges. Complex and/or embroidered items will likely require far more than two weeks' time.

If you do call to discuss details regarding a rush order, please have your questions about our in-stock and custom ordered items ready when you phone, as well as your general sizing and deadline information so that we may more efficiently assist you.

The cost of telephone consultation lasting longer than 15 minutes will be added to your order. This does not include time spent processing your payment by phone. . (We have found that we are usually able to answer all questions within five to ten minutes.)

Measurements Required

Full and accurate measurements from your actual body are ESSENTIAL to ensure proper fit of your garments. If you are not comfortable or confident about taking your own measurements or having a friend help you, please see a local professional to have our measurement chart filled out. We do NOT measure exactly the same way as other companies, so measurement blanks from other companies are not acceptable and will not be used by us. We provide charts with diagrams and descriptions at the links below for your convenience.

Returning customers, please retake your measurements if it's been longer than 6 months since you last had your measurements done, or if you know they have changed.

If you have any questions about how or where to take these measurements, please contact us, and we will gladly step you through it. Please take all measurements over the garments you will be wearing underneath what we are creating for you, and while wearing shoes/heels if applicable. DO NOT USE A METAL MEASURING TAPE to take your measurements - please use a cloth measuring tape. DO NOT ADD EASE into your measurements - we will add this for you. Some back of the body measurements will require the assistance of a friend for accuracy. If there is any special needs information that we need to know, i.e. scoliosis, prosthesis, etc. please let us know, and rest assured that this information will remain confidential. In some cases, working with a local designer, costumer or seamstress may provide the best results as they can offer in person fittings throughout the construction process. Please see "Alterations" below regarding post-receipt measurement and garment changes.

If you are planning on losing weight or are newly pregnant, please give us your current actual body measurements and not your possible projected measurements so that we may construct a garment that will fit you now and may be altered later by a local alterations expert to fit your new size. We can also then advise and factor adjustability into your unique custom order. We *will* add ease to your garment, and work with all sizes of person, so it's best to be honest with us so that we can provide a well-fitting garment to you straight out of the box.)

Measurement Charts

Please click on the links below to access the PDF files. Print out the form and fill in the appropriate information. The completed forms may then be mailed or scanned and e-mailed to us.

Click here for the Custom Made Cloak and Robe Measurement Chart

Click here for the Custom Made Garment Measurement Chart

All measurements and customer information is kept strictly confidential.


We do not make alterations or additions to garments not made by us. Please see your local alterations specialist for this service.

If you need an in stock item to be shortened at the hemline, email us, and we will be happy to do so after purchase and prior to shipping when possible due to garment type.

Please take the time to carefully measure yourself prior to purchase - if you have any questions about the sizing, please contact us.

When you receive your completed custom ordered garment from us, please try it on immediately. We must be notified by email within three days of garment receipt if any adjustment is needed to comply with the original agreed upon design and fit according to the measurements provided. We may not be available to make adjustments or repairs beyond the three day timeframe noted above to garments we have created. If the alterations are due to incorrect measurement taking by the individual, we will charge labor time for the alterations needed as well as return shipping to you. If we have made an error with regard to size, color, etc., please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the problem.


All sales are final, whether the item is in stock or custom ordered.

We are not a costume rental company. If you need to be able to return a garment after use, a costume rental company will be a better match for your needs.

Our All Sales Final policy is due to individuals in the past purchasing an item, then attempting to return it worn or damaged after an event for a full or partial refund.

Please ask all questions before purchase - this includes questions about sizing, color, material, etc. If you have any questions about how or where to take measurements to ensure a proper fit, please contact us, and we will gladly step you through it.

When you receive your garment from us, please try it on immediately. We must be notified by email within three days of garment receipt if there are any problems with your item. If changes or exchanges are necessary and you have contacted us by email to discuss the matter, the garment must be returned to us *unworn* within that same three day timeframe. You must alert us to garment exposure to cigarette smoke or pets so that we may take the appropriate precautions for those with severe allergies here. We are not responsible for return shipping charges. If we have made an error with regard to size, color, item, etc., please let us know immediately and we will be happy to work with you to resolve the problem.

The All Sales Final policy also applies to clasps or other purchases from our website. Please ask all questions before purchasing and measure carefully for the size and quantity needed prior to making a purchase. If an exchange is necessary after receipt, please contact us by email within three days of receipt for an exchange authorization, then return the item to us within the same three day timeframe. We are not responsible for return shipping cost.

Unauthorized or late returns will be refused.

We do not sell patterns, supplier lists, or provide how-to information for costume making. There are many websites that provide this information free of charge - our focus is on the business of designing and constructing costumes for sale.

Virtual Fabric Swatches

These fabrics shown below are SOME BUT NOT ALL of our currently in stock fabrics available for your custom order, subject to prior sale. The colors have been adjusted to as closely match with our monitor as they can, but your monitor may show the colors differently.

We are happy to send a limited number of physical swatches by mail upon request for a small fee. The cost for small fabric samples including shipping within the USA is as follows: 1 swatch costs $2, 2 swatches cost $3, 3 swatches cost $4, 4 swatches cost $5, and 5 swatches cost $6. Contact us with the number of swatches desired, color, and type of swatches you would like to have, and we will send you a PayPal invoice. International customers, please contact us with the type and quantity of fabric samples desired and to which country we would be shipping the samples so that we can determine your sample cost and shipping rate.

If you are trying to match a specific color, please send us a color sample to match. One way to send this information is via paint sample cards from your local home improvement or paint store with the desired color circled on the card.

100% Cotton Twills

Medium weight/Pants Weight

Organic cotton twills are designated with an "*". Our organic cotton twills are certified Organic from seed to shelf. It is responsibly grown without herbicides or pesticides and is dyed with earth-friendly fiber reactive dyes, meeting OEKO-TEX standard 100.





(Sold Out)




100% Cotton - light and medium shirt weight

Broadcloth, Osnaburg, Crinkle and Textured

Oatmeal Osnaburg

Ivory Muslin

White Cotton Muslin

Burgundy French Twill

Brown Kona Cotton

Black Kona Cotton

Black Crinkle Cotton

Medium Weight Woolens

Broadcloth, Flannel, Boucle, Herringbone Woven

These wool flannels are 100% wool unless otherwise noted.  Other colors may be available by special order.







These wool broadcloth fabrics are bit heavier than the flannels, and are 100% wool unless otherwise noted.


(90% Wool/10% Acrylic)

These tweeds and textured woolens are 100% wool unless otherwise noted.

77% wool, 23% unknown fiber

Grey Tweed
Limited Quantities.

Red, Black and Tan Tweed
Limited Quantities.

Grey and Black Herringbone
Limited Quantities.

Coat Weight Woolens (Wool Meltons)

These thick and warm wool meltons are 100% pure wool, unless otherwise noted.   Other colors may be available by special order.

Red Boucle

Red Melton