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Future and Fantasy Clothing Portfolio

This is just a small sampling of costumes that we have custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.

For custom made clothing similar to that shown here or in a different style
 please see our custom orders page then contact us for a price estimate.

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Assassins Creed The Order Lafayette Jacket
Assassins Creed The Order Lafayette Jacket Detail Assassins Creed The Order Lafayette Jacket Detail
Based on a costume for The Order 1886, this custom ordered jacket featured a reversible bib front, removable sleeves, and removable shoulder cape in navy and ivory bedford corduroy.  Jacket fatured handmade burgundy piping, braid and leatherette embellishments.
Jim at TeslaCon

Jim in his completed outfit at TeslaCon 2016. 
Photo by Scott Johnson of Reatime Portrait Studios.
Used here with permission.
Assassin's Creed IV inspired costume
Custom ordered costume inspired by a character from Assassin's Creed IV.  Seen here: natural colored hemp drawstring pants, white linen lace up front shirt, and red open woven linen sash. The hood, waistcoat and 'coat-tail' streamers are all cotton twill embellished with over 40 yards of gold braid and ribbon. Thanks to Camille who helped construct and embellish the waistcoat, sash and shirt.  After these photos were taken, the shirt was tea dyed and some permanent 'dirt'/'stain' paint was added.
Connon from Assassin's Creed III Inspired Costume
The completed Assassin's Creed III Connor inspired costume! Made from white and blue faux suede with brown faux suede and leather accents, this custom ordered Connor costume jacket and surcoat were lined with 100% cotton twill. Historically accurate blue breeches and red waist sash were created from 100% linen. Minnetonka men's fringe boot moccasins were matched to a leather hide for the leg wraps and arm bracer.  This costume also featured stylized eagle embroidery on the detachable hood, and a hand cast pewter accent on the arm bracer. Beadwork on the arm bands by Molly Murphy Adams, wrought iron belt emblem smithed by Micah Hensley. Not including the beadwork or the blacksmithing, this costume took approximately 70 hours to create.  Hats off to the original costume designer for the game - they managed to beautifully integrate historical Rev. War era costume elements (i.e. French Marine coat) with Native American accents while making subtle references to previous costumes in the Assassin's Creed series. Can't wait to see this costume in action with accessories (pistol, quiver, etc.) created/gathered by the customer!

For making-of progress photos, please see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TwinRosesDesigns
Assassin's Creed III Connor Inspired Costume Details
Connor Assassins Creed III Inspired Costume

Several weeks after the initial costume was completed, we worked with Kim Pollard to create the one-0f-a-kind leather baldric, quiver, belts, holsters, and belt pouch (seen here with the original surcoat).
Connor Assassins Creed III Inspired Quiver Detail view of Connor's quiver.
Brandon as Connor

Bradon Baughman shared this AWESOME photo of himself in the Connor outfit, photograhed by the very talented Ken Pearson.

Check out Ken's site here, and his Flikr stream here.
Assassin's Creed II Ezio Inspired Costume
Assassin's Creed II Ezio inspired custom costume.  The white cotton shirt featured uniquely shaped sleeves and lace at cuffs and collar/front opening area.  The tunic and vest were made from cloud grey organic cotton twill lined with shiny red satin.  Each tunic panel was embroidered and then embellished with silver braid, and the insides of the back panels and vest collar featured the same border motif in gold.  The inside collar embroidery was edged with gold braid.  The vest featured rows of red satin ribbon appliqued in place with pale grey thread and silver braid decorates the edges of the front and hemline.  Unlike the original design, the cap sleeves with braid, trim and appliqued red satin were moved to the tunic layer, and the collar was moved to the vest per customer request.  The hood is completely detachable.  See below how it looks with the customer's other costume pieces!

This costume represents over 58 hours of labor time, including 22 hours of embroidery (not including digitizing time for the motifs kindly provided by the customer).  Thanks go to Garry for digitizing, embroidering and helping sew closures on the hood, and to our intern Camille for minding the embroidery machine for a red panel, pinning some silver braid in place for Andrea to sew, and for assisting with the creation of the shirt.

For behind the scenes photos of the creation of this custom costume, please see our Facebook album "Work in Progress".
Assassin's Creed II Ezio Inspired Costume Embroidery Detail

Assassin's Creed II Ezio Inspired Costume Collar Detail
Rick ACII Ezio Costume
Rick AC II Ezio Costume
Rick AC II Ezio Costume Thank you Rick for providing the great photos of this outfit in action!               
Eric Scull as Robin Hood
Photo by Cassidy Fontana, used courtesy of Eric Scull.

This custom ordered ensemble was based on Robin's costume in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.  Using the many detailed reference images kindly provided by the customer, we created the hat, shirt, jerkin, leather belts, arm guard, and belt pouch.  The hunter wool melton hat was accented with a pheasant feather, decorative stitching and buttons. The brown faux suede jerkin was lined with brown cotton twill and embellished with leather shapes and nickel studs and closed via laces at the front with a series of gold tone grommets.  The 100% cotton shirt was tea dyed and featured a fabulously large collar.  The fabric belt pouch was patterned after the one shown in the film stills and featured a wooden toggle button.

Many thanks to Eric Scull for a fun collaborative process and to both Eric and Cassidy for the fantastic photo!
Link Costume Official Photo

Photo by Niki Rice, courtesy of IGN.com
Princess Zelda Style Gown
The Legend of Zelda Movie teaser trailer from IGN and Rainfall Films

In the summer of 2007, Sam Balcomb contacted us to create the costumes for a fictitious teaser movie trailer that he was filming in conjunction with IGN based on the hit Nintendo videogame Legend of Zelda.  We created Princess Zelda's gown and handpainted sash, and the shirt, tunic and hat for Link based on official artwork for Twilight Princess.  These unique outfits will not be replicated by us.   Production stills (c) Rainfall Films and IGN Entertainment and used here with permission.

Link's green tunic and hat were made from cotton twill and had decorative hand stitched lacing accents.  The shirt was hand dyed hemp.

Princess Zelda's bodice was created from lilac purple linen with a decorative stitch in white around the hemline.  The main portion of the gown was constructed from cotton twill, with gold ribbon and gold on white wave knot trim around the hemline.   The sash drape was meticulously hand painted, with the three triangles machine embroidered with gold threads.  The decorative motifs above the gown hemline were heat transferred to the fabric due to time constraints.

Beast Inspired Custom Costume
Beast Inspired Custom Costume Detail

This custom made ensemble was based on images from the animated Beauty and the Beast film.  The textured blue coat was lined with gold satin and embellished with shaped gold venise lace and gold buttons.  The gold brocade waistcoat featured covered buttons and a back waist tie for adjustability.  The trousers were made from a 100% cotton that had a smaller but similar texture to the coat, and featured a button fly, back waist gusset, layered gold ribbon and black braid at the outseam and two side pockets with buttonable flaps.  White ruffles were added to the coat cuff and a white cravat with hand cast resin rose pin completed the look.

This costume is not available as a custom order, the fabrics are no longer available.
Custom Wheel of Time Inspired Outfit
Custom costume inspired by 'Wheel of Time' book series.
Custom Wheel of Time Inspired Costume Details This custom ordered costume was based on the character Sammael from the Wheel of Time series.  The outfit featured gold embroidered bees on the white cotton shirt, honey colored canvas doublet/surcoat and hunter cotton twill shoulder cape. The hunter cotton twill coat was inspired by several fan art images and featured rows of gold braid, gold venise lace and darker gold toned bee buttons.  Not shown here, but included in the ensemble was a mid-calf length hunter twill cloak with gold and green braid accents and lined with gold satin that could be worn on its own, or in conjunction with the shoulder cape.
Custom Wheel of Time Inspired Costume
Original Design Selkie Costume
Selkie Woman Detail Photo This original Twin Roses Designs costume was inspired by the legend of selkies – in the water they are seals, but on land they shed their skin and become people. If a human captures the skin and hides it, the selkie can not turn back to a seal and must remain on land. However, if the selkie can find their skin, they can escape and return to the sea as a seal. What if one day a wise selkie woman found a way to carry her skin with her on land without remaining a seal? What would a selkie wear, anyway, if there were no clothes to ‘borrow’ from a clothesline? It would be rather conspicuous to wander around Lady Godiva style. What if this magical being used some of that transformative power to fashion dried grasses, seaweed, shells and other found materials into materials that could become her clothing?

These questions led to the selkie woman costume shown here. The skirt was formed of two silk tussah patchworked panels with brown and green braid embellishments, then hand painted to look muddy around the hemline. The silk undershirt/chemise was made of hand dyed brown silk with leafy seaweed like patterns. The cloak and lower sleeves were crossdyed silk and rayon burnout fabric in another seaweed like pattern - the cloak fastened via a mother of pearl slider buckle and brown braid and the lower sleeve was embellished with brown velvet ribbon, olive cording and a mother of pearl weight at each tip. The silk velvet tunic was hand dyed and embellished to resemble a seal’s pelt. The lower sleeves attached to the silk velvet tunic by hand knotted hemp cording reminiscent of a fisherman’s net. An aquatic snail shell necklace and a leather belt sliding through a triskele shaped gold buckle completed the ensemble.

Design by Andrea Wakely. Many thanks to Rachel Wheeler for modeling, Garry Wakely for his master dyer skills, and Camille and Alethea for their support.
Aquatic Elven Custom Outfit

This custom ordered ensemble was inspired by elves and an aquatic theme. The under robe fabric was a moire like rippling water with tone on tone leaves and silver cording at the sleeve and garment hem. The translucent lightweight silk over-robe was hand dyed from white to pale blue with silver leaves. The over robe bell sleeves can be gathered up with a blue shell shaped button and loop. A pewter scallop brooch and silver silk dupioni sash belt with cords, iridescent soap bubble like accents, beach glass beads and seashells complete the look.
Dress for Film Project February 2009
This tencel bark cloth and embroidered silk chiffon gown was created and distressed for a film project - see our Professional Media page for film stills and more information!

This custom ordered replica of the above film project gown was made for regular daily wear - without distressing, rips or long cuts, but with painted on permanent 'dirt'.  Thank you Linda for the photo!
Linda in Tencel Bark Cloth replica dress
Steampunk Airship Captain Ensemble
Steampunk Airship Captain Ensemble
Based on an artistic rendering provided by the customer, this custom made Steampunk Airship Captains outfit was done in colors representing the various shades of copper - from new penny through to verdigris, with brass accents.  The asymmetrical coat featured custom digitized and embroidered gear motifs, bronzed gear buttons, and leather accents by Kim.  The other parts of this ensemble were a white cotton Victorian style shirt with tall collar and mother of pearl buttons, an ivory silk cravat with bronzed watch mechanism pin, and natural organic cotton twill gear button fly trousers with back waist gusset and button flap pockets.

Steampunk Airman Outfit
A custom ordered steampunk airman costume.   Designed by us for both style and comfort, this original outfit was made from 100% cotton for maximum breathability.  Accents for the coat were in copper and royal purple to coordinate with the customer's wings, armor and other accessories and the airman pants shown here.  The bib front is completely reversible for different looks, and the sleeves are removable.  The jacket features a back waist belt, buttonable epaulettes and an embroidered gear motif on the right sleeve.  Detail photo below!
Steampunk Airman Arm and Chest Detail
Steampunk Pirate Jacket
Joe in his steampunk pirate jacket.  Thanks for sharing the great photo!
Joker Inspired Costume

Joker inspired custom ordered costume made from Italian wool suiting with dark purple cotton velvet accent collar. The costume appears to be a skirt and vest, but actually is a dress that zips up the back. There are three working pockets and a side front walking slit in the skirt.
First Doctor Style Cape First Doctor Style Cape Collar Detail

Based on images of the first Doctor who wore a black wool cloak with fur collar and chain, we created this version featuring matte black satin lining, black velboa faux fur collar and the customer's vintage chain linked lion head clasp.
The Third Doctor style Inverness Cape
This Inverness style cloak was based on that worn by the third Dr. Who, and was made from black 100% wool flannel lined with synthetic royal purple matte satin.  It features a cotton velvet collar, four premade frog closures and arm holes.  The shoulder cape on this cloak is one piece, extending all the way across the back.

Red Satin Lined John Pertwee Style Dr Who Cape

This Inverness style cloak was based on that worn by the third Dr. Who, and was made from black 100% wool flannel lined with synthetic red matte satin.  This is different from the purple lined cloak just above in that there is a facing at the front, and the shoulder cape is split in the back, covering the shoulders and arms only.  This cloak also features a cotton velvet collar, five handmade toggle and loop cord closures with five loops each to be closer to the original reference image and wide arm holes.

Thank you Daniel for the great photos!
John Pertwee Style Red Lined Dr. Who Cloak
The Sixth Dr's Blue Costume
The Sixth Dr's Outer Cloak

Custom ordered one of a kind cloak based on the one worn by the Sixth Dr. Who and our version of the Sixth Doctor's blue costume.

Custom Ice Golem costume Custom Ice Golem costume
Custom Ice Golem costume in shades of white, silver and blue.  Icicle decorations were used as closures for the tunic front.
Vulcan Style Robe Vulcan Style Under Robe
Vulcan Style Robe Side

It was only logical that we would eventually be asked to create a custom made outfit from this Enterprise-ing universe.  

Custom created for one of our customers to go Trekin' to the new movie, this Vulcan style outfit features a hemp underrobe with standing collar and uniquely detailed hood.  The outer robe was made from a heavy, textured and patterned cotton that was color stripped, then re-dyed a "natural" shade.  

PLEASE NOTE:  We will not replicate any of the costumes from the 2009 film, even if they are awesome.

Vulcan Style Robe Back Detail

Vulcan Style Outer Robe Fabric Detail
Ben as the Squire of Gothos
A one of a kind Squire of Gothos inspired costume, modeled by Ben.
Thank you for the great photo!
Centauri Coat
Centauri Coat
This 1770's era coat was made as a custom order for a gentleman dressing as a Centauri (from the series Babylon 5). It features gold lace, braid and trimming on a royal blue soft brushed 100% cotton twill with cotton duck interlining and old gold cotton lining.

Custom Created Minbari Ranger Outfit Custom Created Minbari Ranger Ensemble
This outfit is based on one worn by the Ranger Marcus in the science fiction series Babylon 5.  This multilayered and detailed outfit consisted of a cotton undershirt with large collar, silk overtunic with trim, machine quilted and embellished belt and baldric, and cotton over-robe with sterling silver triangluar accents.

The sterling silver brooch and belt buckle were created by Russ at The Morpheus Company.  

Thank you Kevin for the great photos!
Deckard Inspired Shirt

Deckard shirt detail
Deckard Inspired Outfit
Based on one of the outfits worn by Deckard in the legendary movie "Blade Runner" this one-of-a-kind custom ordered ensemble features a jacket, shirt and trousers based on the auction stills shown at BRprops.com.  The 100% cotton shirt is made from textured cotton and features layered trim details on the sleeves and yoke.  The rust colored jacket is made from herringbone polyester rather than the original silk at the customer's request based on fabric swatches which they approved - it has an asymmetrical yoke at the front, a yoke and back waist detail across the back, and different numbers of buttons on each sleeve.  The trousers were made of organic cotton twill.  These photos are brighter than 'real life' - the orange in the shirt above was definitely not radioactive, and the jacket at right is a rust color.  The camera and lighting conditions conspired against us.

WWII Captain America Inspired Oufit

Based on a World War II era version of Captain America, this custom ordered outfit was made from 100% cotton twill.

The shirt/jacket was made from brushed royal blue cotton twill. The white star was reverse appliqued through a cut out at the center front, and the stripes were pieced together from chili pepper and white organic cotton twill.  Gunmetal colored button close the asymmetrical front opening.  Hard to see here, but there are buttoned flaps at the shoulders to prevent accessories' shoulder straps from slipping off the shoulders.

Please note:  We are not able to re-create the costume used in the movies.
Dark Phoenix Inspired Ensemble

Dark Phoenix inspired ensemble based on the costume from the film.  This outfit features a sheer 100% silk chiffon shirt with ruffles at the cuff (not visible on the mannequin which has no arms), shot satin coat and heavily boned waist cincher with decorative belt.  Photo at left is indoors under fluorescent lights, the middle and right were taken outdoors.  The collar is intentionally symmetrical. 
Magneto Inspired Outfit Plague Doctor Marquis Mashup Costume
Custom ordered Magneto inspired costume.  The cloak was made from unlined silk velvet and the trousers and frock coat were created from cardinal wool flannel - colors selected by the customer to match their custom made helmet.

Unfortunately, this is not an item we are able to replicate again.
This custom ordered black wool flannel robe and hood/shoulder cape combination were inspired by Plague Doctor images and Guy Davis' "The Marquis" images.
Doctor Strange style cloak
This custom ordered cloak was inspired by Dr. Strange comic art.

This one-of-a-kind cloak was made from matte heavyweight red satin and trimmed with a cotton fabric mottled yellow and orange with gold painted swirls.  The collar was heavily interfaced, boned, and contained wire to make the 'antennae' stand up and be moldable yet stay in position.

We are not able to replicate this item.
Doctor Strange style cloak fabric detail
Brandon as Dr. Hugo Strange at Dallas ComiCon Dr. Hugo Strange style Lab Coat
The other Dr. Strange.  This costume was based on the lab coat worn by Dr. Hugo Strange as depicted in the Arkham City video game.  Thank you Brandon, for sharing the great photo, taken by Brian Lansangan, and used here with permission.
Roronoa Zoro inspired robe Hiko Inspired Cloak
Custom ordered satin zebra striped robe with black satin facings based on the character Roronoa Zoro. Custom ordered white and red satin cloak based on the character Hiko from the anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin.
Red Revenge Custom Cloak Time Traveller Andy
Sharon came to us with a cool image for "Red Revenge" shown here.  We made this lightweight 100% cotton twill red cloak with Celtic beasties trim and then distressed the hem to suggest wear and tear as well as several sets of 'claw' marks to go with the rest of her outfit.  Faux blood stains were applied in a few strategic places. Thank you for the cool picture, Sharon!
Andy as a steampunk time traveller wearing a red and gold dragon brocade vest and breeches we made.
Custom Ordered Pirate Ensemble

For this custom ordered ensemble we created a long pirate style coat made from charcoal gray wool flannel trimmed in braid, a silver and gray brocade waistcoat, and a hemp pirate style shirt.  We hand dyed the shirt with black walnuts collected locally. 

Modeled by Sam Balcomb and photo copyright by Mikki Willis.  Hair and makeup by Nikki Rice.  
Mab modelling her robes for Kate W. Mab modelling her robes. Photo by Kate W.
Mab modeling her hunter wool and black linen robes.  Photos by Kate W. (Thank you!!)

Officiant Joseph
A custom created Officiant ensemble that we created.  
Photo by Jason Iler, courtesy of the client.

Thomas in St. Patrick's Day Parade
Thomas wearing his Etched Blade Jerkin in the
York, PA, St. Patrick's Day Parade.  

Thanks for the great photo Thomas!
Santa Thor Ensemble

"Santa Thor" ensemble: Cardinal wool viking style tunic and drawstring pants with white silk velvet edging and yuletide trim, with matching cloak that was lined in burgundy satin and clasped with a Stag, Oak and Acorn bronze clasp.

Thank you Jonathan E. for the picture!

Santa Thor
Santa Thor custom created outfit.
Summer Thor Embroidered Tunic

"Summer Thor" linen tunic with white silk velvet edging and silver runes and starfields embroidered at lower sleeve, hemline and collar.  Clasped with the Oseberg pewter clasp.

There were matching linen drawstring pants (not pictured).

Cerr modelling her robes and full circle cloak!
Photo by Bojo.

Cerr modelling her gown and full circle cloak.