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Harry Potter Inspired Clothing Portfolio

This is just a sampling of costumes that we have custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.

For custom made clothing similar to that shown here or in a different style
 please see our custom orders page then contact us for a price estimate.

Chudley Cannons Style Quidditch Uniform
Chudley Cannons Shin Padding

Inspired by the magnificent Chudley Cannons Quidditch team, we created a gray sportswear knit fabric inner tunic with hood embellished with blaze orange, black and reflective trim and matching drawstring trousers. Orange sportswear fabric surcoat features a riding slit, embroidered and appliqued emblems, black ripstop cotton lining, and lace up sides. The shin guards were quilted leather and are worn in conjunction with leather covered knee protectors.  Not shown: orange and black gauntlet gloves.
Green and Black Wizard School Robe
Thank you for modelling Kathleen!
Eric and Courtney in NYC for the GoF premiere!
Thank you Eric and Courtney for modelling 
and to Toni for taking the photo!
Burgundy and Black Wizard School Robe
Thank you for modelling DeMarlo!
Wizard School Student Robe

The style shown here is the wizard school student robe like those in the more recent movies.  We have also created unlined wizard student robes similar to the first two movies.

Made from durable black 100% cotton twill to your measurement specifications, the interior is 100% cotton broadcloth in your choice of color for the hood, facings and sleeve lining, and black satin through the robe body.  The robe features a two button and loop front closure and a pointed hood.  Wand pockets available upon request.

These robes cost $225 + shipping without a house patch. 

As there are many patch styles to choose from, we ask you to purchase your favorite style/size of patch and have the patch sent directly to us while we are constructing your robe.

Please see our custom orders page for details of the process.

Front Closure Detail for Wizard School Robes
Hunter Green and Black Wizard School Robe - Back View Gryphondoor Style Burgundy and Black Wizard School Robe
Thank you for modelling your new robe, Kim! 
 Photo taken by Carolyn.

Formal Dress Robe
This 'dress robe' is modeled after the one Harry wore at the Yule Ball.  Made from 100% wool flannel fully lined with heavy matte black satin with a wand pocket and inner breast pocket, this fancy dress robe also featured a shoulder cape, fold down collar and sleeve detail from the same matte black satin.
Elvis DumbledoreElvis Dumbledore
The original, the one and only... Elvis Dumbledore! Designed and created by Andrea Wakely with the assistance of Camille Gray, featuring the talent and wizardry of Eric Scull as the King himself.  

These costume pieces were inspired by several of Elvis' spangled and highly embellished suits, but with nods to the wizard world and the costumes from the first two HP films since this is a younger (much younger) version of Dumbledore.  The 70's fashion points merged with medieval elements -instead of a spray-on spangled jumpsuit, there is  a short tunic with smaller versions of the bell sleeves that Dumbledore favors later on in life paired with bell bottoms.  The burgundy/gold and fiery colors are reminiscent of the older Dumbledore's film robes and Fawkes the phoenix, and Godric's sword motif is hidden in the monograms.  Constellations meaningful to our wizard friend were hand stitched to the cape and several thousand acryllic rhinestones were hand glued in place to create the phoenix motifs on the tunic and cape.  

The fun didn't stop after our photo shoot with the amazing Nina Rizzo - check out the YouTube video here.  Studio photography (c) Nina Rizzo 2013, Bristol, VA and used here with permission.  

For more pictures and behind the scenes details from this project, check out our Facebook page and the Elvis Dumbledore page!
Elvis Dumbledore Jewels DetailElvis Dumbledore

Alferian in his Head Wizard inspired robes

Headmaster Yule Ball Style Robes
Alferian modeling his hat and robes made by us and inspired by Dumbledore!  

A similar ensemble consisting of an inner robe, lined outer robe and matching hat in brocades, satins, and velvet would cost about $635 and up.

Ensemble inspired by the Headmaster's Yule Ball robes.  The white textured over-robe with painted velvet collar is embellished with gold and cream brocade, silver ribbon, and embroidered patches with bees, crowns and AD on them.  The silver under-robe has decorative buttons along the arms and sides, and functional buttons at the front yoke.  The materials and patches used in this outfit are not currently available.
Head Wizard Enemble
Head Wizard Ensemble
Head Wizard Hat
Head Wizard Hat

Head Wizard Ensemble Chest Stitching Detail
Head Wizard Chest Embroidery Detail
Head Master Fabric Swatches
Fabrics used in the construction of the Head Wizard ensemble -
showing the fabrics both before and after dyeing.

Head Wizard Outfit with velvet surcoat.  
This custom created ensemble features a velvet surcoat with hand dyed fringe, silver custom embroidered motifs with silver stud accents and a hidden wand pocket. The hand dyed amethyst over robe has hand dyed trim and fringe and an embroidered motif along the edges of the lapels and collar. The silver grey under robe features hand dyed silk, custom digitized and embroidered motifs, couched cord and trims.   The matching hat has a custom embroidered motif, along with a custom dyed button, and custom color stripped tassel.  The trim on the hat matches the trim on the amethyst over-robe.

Due to the labor intensive methods used, and the unique nature of many of these trims and materials, this outfit cannot be exactly replicated.  An ensemble of similar complexity would cost $1500 and up.

Custom Created Professor Quirrel Style Cloak

Inspired by Professor Quirrell's costume, this custom ordered robe was crafted from charcoal and pale gray wool herringbone and was  fully lined with black cotton twill.  It features long open hanging sleeves and a box pleated back.  Center front closes via hidden coat hook and eyes.

A similar fully lined robe in coat weight wool would cost $465 + shipping - we will need to verify current fabric costs at the time of order placement.
McGonagall Style Robe in Hunter Green Crushed Velvet Wizard School Professor inspired robe created from crushed hunter rayon velvet pleated into a shoulder yoke with long hanging sleeves modeled after that worn by the excellent Professor McGonagall.  This robe was completely open in the front and features a front facing detail.
He Who Shall Not Be Named Silk Robes

Inspired by the robes worn by He Who Shall Not Be Named, this custom ordered ensemble features two black silk robes with materials and contrast effect selected by the customer.  

The inner robe is 100% silk satin charmeuse with the collar matte side out for contrast.  The outer robe is made from 100% silk medium weight crepe and has contrast silk satin facings on the bell sleeves.  

This ensemble costs about $465 + shipping - we will need to verify current fabric costs at the time of order placement.
He Who Shall Not Be Named Silk Robes

Alternate Voldemort Style Under Robe from Hunter Green Silk Charmeuse Voldemort Inspired Outfit in Hunter Green Silk Charmeuse with Organza Robe
Also inspired by He Who Shall Not Be Named, this custom ordered ensemble featured a hunter green 100% silk charmeuse under robe and a translucent black synthetic organza outer robe for an ethereal look.   This ensemble costs about $335 + shipping - we will need to verify current fabric costs at the time of order placement.

Potions Master Robe Potions Master Robe
The above Potions Master inspired robe was made from unlined cotton twill, and was our prototype for this style robe.  It is pleated at the back yoke and at the back of the huge winglike sleeves.  Jacket shown was created by Kambriel for the model.  Thank you Storm for modeling and Shadow for taking the photos!

Potions Master Inspired Ensemble with Silk Robe Side View Potions Master Inspired Silk Robe Back

Custom Ordered Potion Master Outfit

Thank you Ryan for the great photos!
After a few years' worth of research and experience and a lucky find with a Victorian era historic pattern to modify for the robe, we had the opportunity to create a Potions Master's outfit from (nearly) the skin out.

The white cotton shirt was made in a Victorian style with bib front, vintage mother of pearl buttons, tall collar and long cuffs.  The medium weight black silk crepe cravat was created from the same fabric as the robe.  The black wool flannel frock coat and matching trousers were lined with sturdy cotton and featured many, many fully functional buttons covered with the same wool flannel.  The coat buttoned from the elbow to cuffs and from chin to waistline.  The fitted trousers buttoned at the outside ankle and have a small slit at the inner ankle.  Though these pictures do not show them, there are two functional pockets with flaps on the frock coat as well.  The billowing and dramatic black silk crepe robe features tiny pleats gathering the back and sleeves into the shoulder yoke, a short train and center back vent.

This costume is not currently available as a custom order.
Custom Orderd Potion Master OutfitCustom Created Potion Master Outfit
Rita Skeeter Inspired Green Satin Outfit Rita Skeeter Inspired Green Satin Jacket and Skirt
This Skeeter style suit was made from chartreuse satin and embellished with burgundy and black feather trim.  The buttons were hand painted to look like the originals, including the single button that has one stripe instead of two.

Professor Lupin Inspired Wool Wizard School Professor Robe

Lupin inspired robe made from suit weight wool in brown, tan and navy blue tweed.  This robe was lined with brown cotton twill in the hood and shot copper satin inside the robe body and sleeves.  There was a wand pocket, side seam pockets, and a secure inside pocket held with a velvet ribbon and dragon button.  The sleeves are straight cut and do NOT have cuffs.  This exact fabric is no longer manufactured or available for use as a custom order.  A similar robe made from your choice of currently available wool flannels as shown on our Custom Orders page, lined in satin, with no distressing would cost $405 + shipping - we will need to verify current fabric costs at the time of order placement.

After these pictures were taken, the robe was distressed to 'age' it with sandpaper, the hemline was painted with charcoal and brown paint to mimic old dirt stains and splatters from travelling.  Scuffed leather patches were added to the elbows, and a darned area and different colored wool patch were added at the front.  The last button down at the front was a worn leather button as who knows when the 'original' may have been lost in the good professor's travels?

Bellatrix vs. the Gryffindors!

Bellatrix inspired ensemble and two wizard school robes at Lumos 2006. 
Thank you for modelling Vanessa, Monica, and Amanda, and to Dragon for taking the photo.

Weasley Inspired Hat

This brown faux suede Mr. Weasley inspired scrunchable hat is modelled by Storm
with the photo taken by Shadow. 

The rest of the outfit shown was collected by the model.  Thank you for sending the picture!