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Cloaks, Robes, Coats and Wraps

This is just a small sampling of costumes that we have custom made in the past.

For custom made clothing similar to that shown here or in a different style
 please see our custom orders page then contact us for a price estimate.

For cloaks, capes, and wraps currently available for sale, please click here!

For coats and robes currently available for sale, please click here!
Custom Created Black and White Plaid Wool and Camel Hair Dickensian
This custom ordered black and white 80% wool/20% camel hair broadcloth Dickensian/Inverness cloak featured an overlapping button front and a cloak body lined with heavy matte black satin and 7/8" antiqued silver trefoil buttons.  This style is available as a custom order with your choice of 3/4" - 1" buttons from our Buttons for Sale page, and in your choice of wool melton or broadcloths as shown on our Custom Orders page.  Please see our Custom Orders page for the list of questions at the top of the page that we will need to have answered to provide an accurate price estimate, and let us know which button style, outer fabric and synthetic satin lining color you prefer in matte or shiny finish.

Other Inverness style cloaks are available here: Cloaks for Sale.
Black and White Plaid Wool and Camel Hair Fabric Detail
Lined Custom Rain Dickensian Cloak Lined Custom Dickensian Rain Cloak
Custom ordered rain cloak design crossover between the third Dr. Who and Barnabas Collins. The shoulder cape is flipped back to show the frog closures.  The cloak and cape were fully lined with shiny red satin, and the collar was made from cotton velvet.
Button Front New Style Dickensian Caroling Cloak

This custom ordered black wool melton Dickensian/Inverness cloak featured an overlapping button front.  This cloak style is available as a custom order with your choice of 3/4" - 1" buttons from our Buttons for Sale page, and in your choice of unlined wool meltons as shown on our Custom Orders page.  Please see our Custom Orders page for the list of questions at the top of the page that we will need to have answered to provide an accurate price estimate, and let us know which button style you prefer. This unlined wool melton Dickensian style variation generally costs $295, depending on the button style chosen.

Other Dickensian/Inverness style cloaks are currently available on our Cloaks for Sale page.
Ladies Herringbone Wool Vintage Style Mod Cloak
Created from a vintage pattern, this unlined mod cloak was made from coat weight charcoal grey and pale grey 100% wool herringbone. The body of this new and unique styled cloak features large arm holes under caped areas over the arms and shoulder for ease of wearing a sweater or  jacket with this over-cloak - there are no sleeves on this cloak/coat.  This retro cloak fastened with four black vintage buttons - the top button is not visible in this photo.
Steampunk Airship Captain Ensemble Steampunk Santa Emsemble
Photo copyright 2007 by Nina Rizzo
Steampunk Airship Captain
Based on an artistic rendering provided by the customer, this custom made Steampunk Airship Captains outfit was done in colors representing the various shades of copper - from new penny through to verdigris, with brass accents.  The asymmetrical coat featured custom digitized and embroidered gear motifs, bronzed gear buttons, and leather accents by Kim.  The other parts of this ensemble were a white cotton Victorian style shirt with tall collar and mother of pearl buttons, an ivory silk cravat with bronzed watch mechanism pin, and natural organic cotton twill gear button fly trousers with back waist gusset and button flap pockets.

Steampunk Santa Ensemble

Steampunk Santa Coat: Based on a 1910 pattern for a military trench coat, this unlined organic cotton chili pepper colored double-breasted coat features 12 gold tone metal buttons, back vent, two large external pockets, and buttons and tabs at each sleeve.

Lace Embellished 1700's Coat
Photo copyright 2007 by Nina Rizzo
This early 1700's style coat was patterned after a diagram in the Cut of Men's Clothes based on a garment in the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The coat shown above was made from cardinal red medium weight wool flannel stiffened at the front and cuffs with horsehair interfacing.  The inside of the coat was lined with heavyweight softened black linen and has black wool flannel facings.  There was just under five yards of black Venise lace appliqued to the front, the back vent, and the cuffs.  The points of the lace along the front opening had a decorative black glass button with rhinestone center and gold highlights on each making a total of 24 buttons. 

This coat can not be exactly repeated, but something similar can be made as a custom order.
Custom ordered long pirate coat, waistcoat, and hemp shirt
For this custom ordered ensemble, we created a long pirate style coat made from charcoal gray wool flannel trimmed in braid, a silver and gray brocade waistcoat, and a hemp pirate style shirt.  We hand dyed the shirt with black walnuts collected locally. 

Modeled by Sam Balcomb and photo copyright by Mikki Willis.  Hair and makeup by Nikki Rice.
Tweed Wool Great Coat   Tweed Woll Great Coat inspired by c. 1750 Anime Inspired Pirate Coat
This Great Coat is created from unlined olive/gray green tweed wool which has flecks of many different colors interwoven in the material.  It features a scalloped collar, two 1/2 circle shoulder capes, side seam linen pockets with flaps that button closed, and brown leather buttons on the front, pocket flaps and sleeve cuffs.   Sleeve cuffs may be folded down in inclement weather to keep your hands warmer.
Alucard inspired pirate coat made from cotton twill with gold ribbon trim.
The Third Doctor style Inverness Cape
This Inverness style cloak was based on that worn by the third Dr. Who, and was made from black 100% wool flannel lined with synthetic royal purple matte satin.  It features a cotton velvet collar, four frog closures and arm holes different in style than those we normally create on our in-stock Inverness-style cloaks.
It's a Mr. Death! He's a reaper! Lady Death Robe
Shown above are two different versions of the archetypal Death or Grim Reaper robes - the regular Reaper robe shown at left with mask,  and the Lady Death style shown at right.  Made from textured cotton, then distressed and shredded at the hems of the sleeves and robe body, these robes can then be accessorized according to the wishes of the customer with masks, belts, etc.  Both styles are available on our Coats and Robes Page for purchase.

Photo and mask above left by Kim.

Faux Fur Trimmed Blue Grey Wool Coat Megan at Stonehenge
Inspired by medieval designs and Eowyn's travelling coat, this heathered blue-gray wool coat had flecks of other colors in the herringbone textured weave of the fabric and was fully lined in natural oatmeal colored linen/rayon blend fabric.  The coat buttoned down the front with brass tone ball shaped filigree metal buttons.  The neckline, sleeve ends and hemline were edged in soft faux fur.   Megan Whitfield wearing her green twill Ovate robe while  attending the Stonehenge 'Summer Gathering' with Order of Bards Ovates and Druids in UK - June 2009.
Photo by Aaron Blizzard.

Thank you for sharing the photo!
Jedi Style Robes
Photo copyright 2007 by Nina Rizzo

Jedi Style Robes in Cotton Twill
available on our Coats and Robes page here.
L.A. Confidential Style Coat in rayon velvet and silk satin.

L.A. Confidential style coat in rayon velvet lined with white silk satin.  Fastens down the front with vintage black glass buttons. 

Thank you Debbie for the picture!
Potion Master Ensemble

Potion Master Silk Robe
Custom created Potions Master complete ensemble, including wool pants and jacket, cotton shirt, and silk over-robe.

Head Wizard Ensemble Wizarding Dress Robe
Custom created Head Wizard outfit. Wizarding world dress robes.

Wizarding Robe!
Thank you Courtney for modelling and Toni for taking the picture!
Alferian in his robes.
Alferian modelling his hat, cloak and robes made by us!
Celtic Knot Trimmed Black Wool Flannel Full Circle Cloak
D. Dorchagraine modelling his celtic knot trimmed black wool flannel full circle cloak.  Thanks for the great photo!

Custom Scriptorium Wool Full Circle Cloak

Custom ordered Scriptorium Cloak in charcoal gray/brown twill weave wool lined in gray shot satin and edged with faux leather.  Thank you for sharing the picture, Prometheus*! 

Click on the above picture to learn more about him!

Super Heavyweight Black Melton Wool Cloak
Superheavyweight black wool melton cloak with Victorian Roses trim.  Unfortunately, this fabric is no longer available.
Mab in her robes

Mab modeling her hunter green semifelted wool outer robe and black 100% linen under-robe.  Photo courtesy of Kate W.

Heathered Gray Wool Melton Cloak
Lady of the Mists Cloak (tm)

Unlined coat weight heathered gray wool melton cloak
with trimmed front and oversized hood.

Nara in her custom Lady of the Mists Cloak

Nara Alexiou Zacarias in her customized Lady of the Mists cloak that we made for her wedding.

Thank you Nara for sharing the great photo from your big day!

Photographer: Francisco López Gejo
Christa and her custom green satin wedding cloak
Christa & Daniel Sumner at their wedding.  Christa is wearing a custom green satin cloak and sash that we made for her big day. Photographer: Brooke Marcellino, Studio Blue
Thank you for sharing this great photo!

Chloe in her custom made hunter green wool melton winter cloak.

Chloe shared a photo of herself in the custom made hunter green melton winter cloak that we created for her.  

Thanks for the great photo!

Civil War Style Silk Lined Wool Short Cape

Civil War style blue coat weight wool and silver silk lined cape/cloak with black hood tassel and three rows of soutache braid decoration around the edges.
Midnight All About Eve Cloak

Vintage 1950's Velvet Coat and 1930's Style Silk Satin Dress

Above:   1950's style evening wrap - the body of the cape coat is black velvet and the embossed velvet collar turns into pockets at the bottom edge.

To the Left: A 1950's style black satin lined, silk velvet cloak decorated with sequins, rhinestones, shiny black beads and two rhinestone clasps at the center front opening. 

Silk Velvet Requiem Style Cloak         Requiem Cloak Hood Detail
Inspired by the elven cloaks worn while travelling away to the Western Sea, this smoke gray silk velvet cloak has a uniquely designed hood with points that tuck in at the nape of the neck and rich folds that drape around the face.  Available in silk velvet as a Custom Order only.  A synthetic stretch tie dye version is available on our Cloaks for Sale page.

Black Wool Cloak with Full Hood

Black wool cloak with full hood.
Available for purchase on our Cloaks For Sale page.
LOTR Inspired Cloak with Etched Blade Jerkin

LOTR inspired cloak with crossover closure in hunter green twill.  Seth is also modeling his new gold embroidered burgundy cotton Etched Blade(tm) jerkin made by us.

Lara D Custom Wedding Cloak

Lara D sent us this great photo of her on her wedding day, wearing a custom-made royal blue organza wedding cloak.

Thanks Lara!

Photo by Jessi Duston.
Beyond the Veil Cloak Sheer Black Veil Cloak
Black organza veil cloak, available here.

Starry Cloak in Black Silk Velvet
It's full of stars!  This black silk velvet cloak is embroidered around all edges with a silver star field four inches wide containing over 1820 stars.  This prototype was lined with red slipper satin. 

A starry cloak like this on silk velvet with slipper satin lining would cost $695, and on wool flannel lined with slipper satin it would be $595.  On wool flannel lined with satin but only having embroidery at the front edge (NOT around the hemline) it would cost $395.  (The difference in price is due to the extra time and materials involved in embroidering on velvet.)

The Embroidered Snowflake Wearable Art Cloak
Photo copyright 2007 by Nina Rizzo

Silver snowflakes in different shapes and sizes are embroidered in waves around the hem of this midnight blue wool silver satin lined cloak. The snowflakes were researched and digitized from actual ice crystal photo records, then painstakingly machine embroidered over the course of many hours. 

Just as snowflakes are unique, this wearable art cloak will never be exactly repeated, but a similar one may be available on our Cloaks for Sale page.

Cardinal Red Wool Snowflake Cloak
Photo copyright 2007 by Nina Rizzo

 This cardinal wool version of our embroidered Snowflake cloak was fully lined with heavy white satin throughout the cloak body and with white velboa short pile faux fur (or like a very long pile velvet) in the hood.  The velboa folded to the outside edge of the hood as a border. 
Firebird Cloak
Moonlight and Shadows Cloak
The Firebird Cloak(tm) and Moonlight and Shadows Cloak(tm).  This fabric is unfortunately no longer available.  

Silk Velvet Mantle Silk Velvet Mantle

This unlined silk velvet wedding or handfasting mantle was created from luxurious natural parchment colored silk velvet and is clasped with a silver chain linked closure that could either be slipped on over the head, or one side of the closure can be removed and reattached via a cotter pin (included).   The hood style is a little bit unusual for our oversized hoods, as it is nearly hidden from the front view, but when raised, it draped forward around the face.