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Professional Media Portfolio

Past customers include:

Rainfall Films American Airlines Theater, NYC Metropolitan Opera
Corsiglia Films Classic Stage Company, NYC Philadelphia Opera
AMC Huntington Theater, Boston Seattle Opera
NBC Rogue Theater, Tucson The Book People
Washington Ballet Thinkpen Graphics
Walt Disney Company World Children's Choir Noel Fine Arts Center
Universal Studios Lyric Opera of Chicago Snite Museum of Art

We have designed and/or created costume pieces for film and TV productions, music videos,
professional opera and theater companies, book covers, singing groups, and other media. 

References and credits available upon request.

For those unfamiliar with what a costume designer does, there is an excellent description on Wikipedia here.

 Shown here are just some of the highlights of our past collaborations.
Nicole as Dr Who (courtesy King of the Nerds)

Nicole modeling the Pertwee style Dr. Who cloak we created for her!  She is a contestant on the second season of King of the Nerds - episodes start airing on January 23, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT on TBS. Promo photo (c) TBS/TNT, used here with permission.
American Horror Story Cloak

Shown here is one of the fifteen red wool cloaks we made to the designer's specifications for American Horror Story: Coven episode 8:  "The Sacred Taking".

More than 174 yards of braid was hand dyed by Garry Wakely to go around all of the edges.  Rene Rodgers and Camille Gray helped us produce these in a quick turnaround to meet the production deadline.  Rolling Stone's recap of the episode called these cloaks "truly stunning".
Custom Robes for Wizard CommercialIn the spring of 2013 we created two black wool flannel custom robes for KingsIsle Entertainment for a Wizard 101 television commercial.  These pull over the head style robes were long enough for someone 6'8" tall and featured trim around the hood, front, and sleeve hemlines.  The sculptural and geometrically shaped hood had an inner layer of stiffeners (boning, heavy weight interfacing) as well as moldable wire around the front opening that could be shaped as needed.  The commercial is viewable here.
Skyrim Inspierd Outfit Shadowstride Skyrim Costume
Photo courtesy of Rainfall.tv.  Used with permission.
A collaborative effort between Kim Pollard, and Andrea and Garry Wakely. Absolutely one of a kind and not able to be repeated, this costume used two kinds of foam, leather, pleather, sintra, polymer clay, cast resin, and a little bit of fabric. It represents a radical departure from our 'normal' routine of costuming. Two-part epoxy, webbing, rivets and velcro were indispensable for this project.
Pan Am Replica Uniform Custom ordered vintage style stewardess replica for a documentary film. We created the suit, and the hat was a collaborative effort with Phyllis Dabbs, a local lady who makes wonderful hats.
Baron Von Groundloop Costume John White as Baron Von Groundloop
Photo by Malcolm J. Wilson, (pixandpr.com), used here  with permission.
This custom costume was made for the character "Baron von Ground Loop", alter ego of comedy air show performer and pilot extraordinaire Johnny White. Based on photos of the Red Baron, this outfit was created with breathability and keeping cool during summer performances in mind. Costume features a weathered grey cotton twill dickey with red piping and replica Blue Max medal, weathered grey pants, pleather gaiters with black snaps, and black cotton duck unlined jacket.
Check out his website at http://airshowjohnny.com/
Book cover 1918 Schoolgirl costume Book cover 1918 Schoolgirl costume detail

This school girl's costume from 1918 was created as a custom order for part of a historic fiction book cover graphic design. Using clothing catalogs from the time period and historic photographs from Shorpy.com, I found examples of what girls were wearing and created the costume shown here.  The skirt was a navy textured linen look fabric embellished with buttons, the shirt was made from textured lightweight cotton, and the navy tie was hand dyed silk.  The ensemble was completed with the white silk bow shown at right.  We do not normally create clothing for children.
Book cover 1918 Schoolgirl costume

Book Cover 1945 Girls blouse and jumper

Another historic fiction book cover costume - this one was from August 1945.  This outfit was made from a vintage 1940's pattern.  The cotton print jumper ties at the back and features two patch pockets at the front.  A cotton blouse was made and tea dipped to match the off-white color of the printed cotton jumper.  We do not normally make clothing for children.
The Hunt film still - Kurt, Nathan and Doyle
The Hunt film still - Doyle
The Hunt film still - Kurt and Nathan
The Hunt Film Still - Kurt and Nathan

In the fall of 2011 we worked with Sam Balcomb of Rainfall Films to design the costumes used in his short film "The Hunt", which aired as part of G4TV's Epictober event.  After the garments were sourced, we weathered, aged, dyed and distressed them as necessary.  

Production stills (c) Rainfall Films and are used here with permission.  The full film is viewable here.
1893 Chicago Worlds Fair Victorian Girls Costume Sisters in Time Cherokee Costume
This Victorian girl's outfit was created as a custom order as part of a book cover graphic design.  Since the story centered around the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, we researched fashion plates and other primary sources of the era for the summer season, then created this costume. Though cotton candy was not available until the 1904 World's Fair, the "Fairy Floss" idea inspired the color and 'feel' of this costume.  The dress has an inner layer of cream 100% cotton overlaid with sheer pale pink striped and dotted organza.  Lace, ribbon, a satin sash belt, and a heart shaped 'locket' completed the look.  We do not normally create clothing for children.

Here is a link to the completed book cover.
This Cherokee girl's outfit was custom made for a book cover. The story was set during the Trail of Tears. Following the client's design specifications, we researched traditional leather clothing in various reference works and museum resources.  The tan suede leather dress shown here features red woven trim, bone buttons and fringe, and was based on information from How to Make Cherokee Clothing by Donald Sizemore, Cherokee Publications. Cherokee artist Mary Tidwell from Oklahoma made the beaded medallion necklace and Somer Harris made the Inkle woven sash belt. We do not normally create clothing for children, or work with leather as custom orders.

Here is a link to the completed book cover.
Pilgrim Girl Outfit for Sisters In Time Book Cover
     Pilgrim Girl's Costume

American Revolution Girls Outfit for Book Cover
Revolutionary War Era Costume
This Pilgrim girl's outfit was created as a custom order for a graphic design company to be on a book cover using their model (not shown here).  We based this ensemble on images painted by Frans Hals, George Boughton, and engraved by Wenceslaus Hollar, as well as existing garments in museum collections. The brown wool bodice and skirt set feature a lace edged white linen collar and cuffs with matching linen apron.  The linen cap features antique lace.  We do not normally create clothing for children.

Here is a link to the finished book cover.
This Revolutionary War Era girl's outfit was created as a custom order for a graphic design company to be on a book cover (using their model, not shown here).  The ensemble consisted of a red petticoat, cotton gown with lightly boned bodice, linen pinner apron (the bib is pinned to the front of the bodice as was done in the time period), and linen mob cap edged with lace.  The grey wool broadcloth Revolutionary War era style cloak was also made for this project.  We do not normally create clothing for children.

Here is a link to the finished book cover!
Rogue Theatre Production of The Tempest

This photo is from The Tempest production at the Rogue Theatre in Tucson, featuring actors Brian Taraz and Nic Adams.  Mr. Adams is wearing one of our silver and black Renaissance brocade doublets.  Photo by Tim Fuller, used with permission.
Rogue Theatre Production of Othello

Rogue Theatre's production of Othello, with the same silver and black brocade doublet (without attached sleeves) worn by Robert Anthony Peters. An actor in the background is wearing one of our Legend Shirts.  Photo by Tim Fuller, used with permission.
Theatrical Doublets
These costume pieces are an example of how a historic design can be changed to suit the needs of the stage production/actor/character.  Made from a metallic gold and cream colored brocade, these two form fitting doublets featured attached cream colored slipper satin 'shirt' sleeves with pleated ivory satin ribbon at the cuff, and detachable cream satin ruffle jabots.  The gold elastic at the wrist and velcro closures down the front allow for quick changes backstage.  The gold buttons are for show only.

Western Father costume

Created for a short film production set in the depression era 1930's, the above clothing was sourced,
 dyed, aged and distressed to match the character's story.
Western Duster Costume
For the same production as the outfit above, we sourced this premade duster which happened to be cream colored with dark brown collar and cuffs, then dyed, distressed, and painted, etc. it to look like it's been used and has a story to tell.  All the polyester thread in the original duster that showed had to be re-stitched or covered as it did not take the dye, including hand sewing new buttonholes in place.
The Damage Done still
The Damage Done still
The Damage Done still

In the spring of 2010, we worked again with Sam Balcomb of Rainfall Films to design, construct and source all of the costumes used in his award winning short Western film "The Damage Done".  After the garments were created, we weathered, aged, dyed and distressed them to suit the occasion.  Metal snaps and buckles were individually aged and weathered, and vintage buttons were used wherever possible.  Andrea also provided on set fittings and wardrobe services.

Production stills (c) Rainfall Films and are used here with permission.  The full film is viewable here.

Some of these costumes and their unused doubles are currently available for purchase on our Men's Clothing for Sale, and Coats and Robes for Sale pages.

Night of the Balloon still
Night of the Balloon still
Night of the Balloon still
Night of the Balloon
In late 2009/early 2010, we worked with Raiya Corsiglia to design, construct and source several costume pieces used in her short 1950's horror film parody "Night of the Balloon".  We designed and created the cheerleader outfits shown above, and sourced and embellished the motorcycle jackets including the creation of customized embroidered patches.  

Production stills and poster (c) Raiya Corsiglia and are used here with permission.  You can see the trailer on IMDB.com here.

Lyric Opera of Chicago Ernani production still
Lyric Opera of Chicago Ernani production still
Photos by Dan Rest/Lyric Opera of Chicago.
In the late summer/early fall of 2009, we created 38 black wool cloaks and 24 white Renaissance style shirts for the production of "Ernani" by the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Elven Tencel and Silk Dress for promotional film Tencel and Silk Elven Dress on location

Promotional Film stil

This tencel bark cloth and embroidered silk chiffon gown was created and distressed for a Rainfall Films project in early 2009.  It was based on character artwork provided by the video game company client.  We also created the olive wool cloak at left which was also used for this project.   Production stills (c) Rainfall Films and are used here with permission.

The footage and more information about this project may be seen here.

Replicas of this original ranger cloak are available here on our Cloaks for Sale Page.

Lisbeth Scott Dona video still
Lisbeth Scott Dona video still
Lisbeth Scott Dona video still
We were contacted in November of 2008 to design and create five items for a music video by singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott, titled "Dona".  We created the dresses, robe and cloak shown in the above stills.  

Production stills (c) Rainfall Films and are used here with permission. This beautiful song may be viewed in full on YouTube here.

Arrival At Esgaroth still
Arrival at Esgaroth still
Gown and Cloak created for Arrival at Esgaroth

This unique outfit was made for the Rainfall Films production "Arrival at Esgaroth", portions of which are viewable here on the showreel.  The cloak was a full circle made from silk velvet with a unique draping hood, and the gown was made from ombre dyed satin and shimmering embroidered bronze organza.  Production stills shown here are (c) Rainfall Films.

Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Link still Zelda Movie Trailer Gown
Link and Zelda Trailer behind the scenes
In the summer of 2007, Sam Balcomb contacted us to create the costumes for a fictitious teaser movie trailer that he was filming in conjunction with IGN based on the hit Nintendo videogame Legend of Zelda.  We created Princess Zelda's gown and handpainted sash, and the shirt, tunic and hat for Link based on official artwork for Twilight Princess.  These unique outfits will not be replicated by us. 

Production stills (c) Rainfall Films and IGN Entertainment and used here with permission.

Grim Reaper or Death Robe Costume
Our black textured 100% cotton Grim Reaper robe has been used in music videos, an art installation in Paris, and in multiple productions of A Christmas Carol.  This item is in stock for immediate purchase on our Coats and Robes for Sale page!

Declared Independent film posterDeclared Independent film still
This unique outfit inspired by Benjamin Franklin was made for the Orange Moon Films production "Declared Independent".  Melding historic elements with items that could be found by the character was tremendous fun!  

Production stills by Sean Laskey and are (c) Orange Moon Films, and are used with permission.