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Star Wars Inspired Clothing Portfolio

This is a page of examples of costumes that we have custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.

For custom made clothing similar to that shown here or in a different style
 please see our custom orders page then contact us for a price estimate.

Our small two person business appreciates your interest and we look forward to working with you.

We can create a similar style to the originals with detailing, colors, and possibly a similar texture, but the fabrics will not be exactly movie correct
due to discontinuation, seasonal nature, and unavailability of screen used or perfect replica fabrics.

Jedi Tunic Sets
Photo by Nina Rizzo. Copyright 2007.
Tunic Set Pieces Description
Currently available robes are for sale here

Currently available tunics, tabards and obis are for sale here

Custom order your leather belt here

On this page you will find:

Clothing For The Light Side                Clothing For The Dark Side

Other Characters

Clothing For The Light Side
This is a page of examples of costumes that we have custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not work with stretch fabric.  We cannot make a replica of the Rey costume.
Silk and Linen Jedi Style Tunic Sets

Different Jedi style tunic sets and pieces: from left to right is a variegated linen tunic, crinkle textured stretch rayon tunic, and at right wild silk tunic.  The linen and silk tunics are shown with earth brown linen tabards and obi, along with a brown leather Jedi style belt. These tunic fabrics are no longer available - please see our Men's Costumes for Sale page for currently available options.

Jasper Jedi
A jackelope Jedi!  This costume includes our tunic set, tabards, obi and belt over the insanely detailed fur costume by  StuffedPandaStudios.com
You can see other photos of this amazing outfit
(and many others) here.
Many thanks to Steinar & Xenia Eliassen for these photos.
Jasper Jedi
Jedi Piotr
Jedi Style Wool Robe, Cotton Tunic, Tabards and Obi
Above: Jedi Piotr in his wool robe, oatmeal osnaburg tunic set and brown cotton inner tunic.

To the Right: David Quimby modeling our brown wool robe, and cotton tabards and obi as photographed by Pat Quimby.

Thank you guys for sending in the pictures!

Jedi Daniel Falcocchio in Morocco
Jedi Daniel Falcocchio in his custom outfit. 
Jedi Logan Kell of FxSabers.com in his custom Jedi style costume Anthony Goquingco Custom Jedi style outfit
Jedi Logan Kell from FxSabers.com modelling the osnaburg tunic, tabards and obi that he purchased from us.  We did not supply the robe in this photo.

Thanks for the great photo Logan!
Anthony Goquingco in his custom created Jedi style ensemble.
Thanks for sharing this photo Anthony!
Photo by Mark Tiangco.
Alternate Universe Jedi Leia Embroidered Star Wars Costume To the left: This outfit is based on drawings of Jedi Leia from an Infinities comic book.  This outfit consisted of tunic, embroidered tabards, and obi in various colors of silk noil.

To the right: modeled after the Jedi Librarian's outfit, this hand dyed linen ensemble features intricate satin stitched designs on the obi and long tabards.  A matching suede pouch has a loop for attaching to a belt hidden under the obi.  The embroidery embellishment alone took 12 hours. 
Jedi Librarian Inspired Ensemble
Jedi clash at DragonCon
Jedis River, Neil and Zeph have a friendly saber battle at DragonCon.
Thanks for the great photos!

Samuel Gau in light side custom Jedi style outfit
Samuel Gau wearing his custom Jedi style outfit consisting of a chocolate brown cotton inner tunic, brushed nutmeg outer tunic with shoulder tucks, and nutmeg twill obi and tabards.  

Thank you Samuel for sharing the great pic!

Model: Samuel Gau
Photographer: John Watts
Eliot in his custom created grey jedi ensemble

Eliot in his custom created grey cotton Jedi style ensemble.

Eliot is one of the founders of LAJedi.com.  Check it out!
This is a page of examples of costumes that we have custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.
Clone Wars Obi Wan Inspired Costume

This Clone Wars Obi Wan inspired costume was made from natural organic cotton twill and brown twill for the obi.  The costume was then hand painted to appear mud stained.
Custom Mace Windu style outfit in linen and cotton
This was a custom ordered Mace Windu style tunic set.  The inner tunic was made from ivory 100% cotton, and the longer than usual length outer tunic with shoulder tucks and short side slits, tabards and obi were made from heavyweight natural 100% linen.  

A similar ensemble would cost $50 for the cotton inner tunic, and $185.00 plus shipping for the linen tunic, tabards and obi.

To the right is Hannibal in the above pictured ensemble, and his friend Nick in one of our standard Jedi style cotton osnaburg tunic sets. Boots, belts, sabers and gloves were sourced by them.  Thanks for the great photo!

Nick and Hannibal in Custom Jedi Outfits

Mace Windu Inspired Costume
Custom ordered Jedi style outfit with long natural heavyweight linen tunic with shoulder tucks and side slits, heavy weight brown crinkle cotton undertunic, and dark grey linen tabards and obi.  This brown crinkle cotton is no longer available.

This is a page of examples of costumes that we have
custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.
See our Custom Orders page for details, tab at top of page.

Custom Jedi Costume with Mace Windu Robe
Custom ordered Jedi inspired outfit cut a little differently than usual.  Shown here are a pair of ginger linen drawstring pants, obi and angle cut tabards; oatmeal osnaburg tunic with shoulder tucks, small side slits and more open angle cut front; a regular cream cotton undertunic, and a Mace Windu style brown wool flannel robe with super long sleeves cut all in one with the body and self-lined oversized hood.
Custom linen alternate Jedi style outfit
Custom ordered tunic set based on customer provided rendering.  All pieces are made from 100% linen, and the arm wraps/bracers have velcro to make life easier (otherwise you'd have to wrap your arms every single time you wear the costume).
Charles Yeo Kero custom Jedi ensemble Charles Yeo Kero in his custom made charcoal grey cotton bib-front shirt based on the Dark Luke style shirt, custom drab olive organic cotton tabards, oatmeal osnaburg tunic and obi.  

Pants, boots, leather belt and saber supplied by the customer.  

Photo by the The Picture People, used here with permission.
Green Lantern Jedi Allan Power Ranger Jedi Joe
When universes collide!  Allan dressed as a Green Lantern Jedi while attending the 2012 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.   We created a custom hunter green linen tunic set (tunic, tabards, obi) and he is also wearing one of our spruce green cotton twill Jedi style robes.

Thanks for the great photo Allan!
Another cross-over custom Jedi - this time with a Power Ranger twist.  Joe requested that we create a green shirt weight cotton tunic and white dickie (false shirt-front) with shimmering yellow tabards and white obi for him to wear to conventions.  The dickie allows for the look of a full under-tunic, but is just a front piece - this allows the wearer to remain cooler with fewer layers.  

Thanks for sharing this photo Joe!
Jason as Corellian Jedi Corellian Jedi!  Jason provided us with this great photo of the custom tunic set that we created for him, along with a spruce green robe that he had purchased from us previously.

Thank you for providing the great photo, Jason!

Photo by Nuan Sciffer, used here with permission.

Steampunk Jedi Costume Steampunk Jedi Detail
Custom made Steampunk style Jedi outfit, based on an Alternate Universe character.  The black 100% cotton pique under shirt featured many, many black faceted buttons down both the front and the forearm to the knuckles.  The unusual sleeves on this undertunic extended over the back of the hand and covered part of the palm leaving a space for the thumb.  The teal synthetic taffeta tunic had elbow length sleeves with tippets/streamers burned out in a geometric design.  The teal taffeta tabards were a single layer with different burnt out geometric patterns.  The embroidered taffeta waist cincher was heavily boned and embellished with soutache and buttons.  This piece laced closed through grommets in the back.

Steampunk Jedi at ComiCon
Steampunk Jedi Button and Cut Out Detail

At left is K. Rhodes wearing her custom Steampunk Jedi at ComiCon.  Photo by P. Crighton.  Thanks for the great photo!
Custom Corellian Style Jedi Outfit
Custom Corellian Style Jedi Outfit Woven Sleeve Detail

Custom made costume to match the customer's original artistic rendering.  Inner tunic shown here is shirt weight cream cotton broadcloth, overtunic with covered buttons is made from distressed hunter green cotton twill, the obi and tabards are regular hunter cotton twill with spruce brushed twill on the inside - the obi and tabards are completely reversible for a different look. Obi echoes the sleeve lacing by having grommets and lacing at the back.

Steampunk Jedi Waist Cincher and Fabrics detail

This one-of-a-kind Steampunk style Jedi inspired costume had an embroidered silk dickey with steampunk buttons, a tea-dyed muslin tunic, embroidered shot taffeta reversible tabards, an obi/waistcoat hybrid with working pockets, and a cotton twill robe with trim.
Steampunk Jedi Costume

This is a page of examples of costumes that we have
custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.
See our Custom Orders page for details, tab at top of page.

Custom Yavin Luke inspired costume
Custom ordered Yavin Luke inspired costume with Han Solo style brown cotton twill trousers with embroidered old gold bloodstripes, pin tuck at the center front and riding seam at center back and a black cotton broadcloth shirt.  

This outfit is no longer available as a custom order.

Photo at right courtesy of the customer.

Please note:  We do not make the jacket shown in this photo.

Yavin Luke inspired outfit

ROTJ Style Jedi Cloak

Dark Luke Outfit with Jacket, Tabards and Obi
This versatile custom ordered outfit was based on Luke's outfit from ROTJ.  The black cotton twill pants and shirt with contrast lined bib front can be worn alone (the customer had his own belt to wear with it), or with the textured hand dyed linen/rayon blend vest, tabards and obi shown above.  The entire ensemble together is shown above left.  The cloak was styled after one of two cloaks that were used in ROTJ when Luke confronts Jabba in his palace.  Watch the scene closely, and you will see the front opening change from a hook and eye to a breakaway velcro closure for the fall down the shaft!

A similar outfit to this one would be $345 for the cotton twill pants, matching cotton twill shirt/jacket with contrast bib facing, and pre-dyed silk or linen vest, tabards and obi.  A similarly styled wool flannel cloak would cost $145, but currently this fabric is not available.  Hand dyeing and shipping cost are extra.  We make this outfit with separate pants and shirt rather than a jumpsuit for greater comfort and convenience in real life use.  This hand dyed linen and the exact wool flannel shown in the cloak above are no longer available, but other fabrics may be substituted.  In the customer photos below, the belt shown was not made by us.

This style is not currently available as a custom order.
Custom Created Dark Luke Inspired Outfit with Cloak
Custom Created Dark Luke Inspired Outfit
Thanks Mark for the great photos of the outfit in action!
Desert Obi Wan inspired costume
Custom ordered Ep IV Obi Wan inspired costume in lightweight brown and tan crinkle cotton with brown wool flannel robe. This costume was hand dyed, distressed and painted to appear aged and 'dirty'.

This costume was created for the Book People Jedi Training Camp in Austin, TX, and is shown "in action" below.  Thank you, Topher, for the great photo!

Book People Star Wars Camp Spring 2012
Old Obi Wan Aged and Distressed Costume
A 2016 version of our Old Obi Wan style costume.  This unique, one of a kind costume was distressed and aged to look like the character had been out in the desert for quite some time.

Clothing for the Dark Side
This is a page of examples of costumes that we have custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.
See our Custom Orders page for details, tab at top of page.

If you are contacting us about a custom order, please see our Custom Orders page for the information we will need to provide a price estimate.  Please let us know which costume number/style you are interested in as noted below.

We cannot make the following:  Darth Revan, Darth Maul, Kylo Ren.
Custom ordered mix and match red and black sith costumes
1 2 3
Custom ordered Sith costume components in cotton, linen and wool. For items that are ready made and available now for immediate shipment, please see our Men's Costumes for Sale page. These mix-and-match pieces allow for maximum versatility - the customer can pick and choose what combination to wear to have a variety of looks - as shown, or all black, all red, mostly red with black accents, etc. Components included long sleeved wool flannel robes with trim at sleeve ends and front opening/hoods ($225 each), cotton twill drawstring pants ($38 each), shirt weight cotton inner tunics ($50 each), shirt weight cotton tunics with hoods ($60 each), linen tunics with shoulder tucks ($85 each), shaped linen tabards ($60 each set of two), linen obis ($40 each), single layer linen or basketweave textured cotton sash drapes with embellishments ($30 each), and leather belts ($75 each).  Prices shown here are current as of August 2013 and do not include shipping.  In this case, we did create the coordinating leather belts.
Custom Grey and Red Tunic Set
4: Charcoal Twill and Red Blood Cell Tunic Set

Custom ordered charcoal grey cotton twill tunic with shoulder tucks, red cotton inner tunic, and red shirt weight patterned cotton tabards and obi.  The red tabards and obi reverse to royal purple cotton twill, and a second inner tunic (not pictured here) in eggplant purple was also made so there could be variation in the costume on different days.

Custom Grey and Red Tunic Set Red Fabric Detail
Sith Assassin Custom Star Wars Costume
Custom Sith Assassin Costume
5: Sith Assassin

This custom ordered Sith Assassin costume was a collaborative effort between us and Kim Pollard.  Kim created a foam and a fiberglass gorget set so that the customer had two different options for different looks.  The grey inner piece was made from custom printed fabric with a pattern like that shown in a close up of the character's game rendering and was lined with grey cotton twill.  The grey piece had a front opening for the belts to pass through, and the front tabard like pieces were edged with silvery grey trim.  The outer black layer was made from a textured cotton lined with black cotton twill, and featured two hoods, one with a 'visor' that acted like a standing collar when down.  The black layer had textured burgundy edging on the tabard-like pieces.  Arm bracers from textured cotton, black cotton twill drawstring pants, and a leather and webbing belt completed the ensemble.

Not currently available as a custom order.
If it were available as a custom order, a costume of this complexity (number of pieces, mixture of materials and level of detailing) would cost around $1400+ shipping and would require a minimum of 12 weeks lead time to create depending on our current schedule.

Sith Lord Custom Costume
6: Lord Morthor Inspired Costume

Another creative collaboration with Kim Pollard!  This custom ordered Lord Morthor inspired costume featured leather work by Kim Pollard in black, pewter and silver for the surcoat and belt. The mock turtleneck was embellished with white stripes to match the character rendering.  The wool robe had a shaped hemline and wrapped short sleeves.  The attached epaulettes were made from pleather and slate grey faux suede with custom made piping to match.  Fingerless gloves, a wide wrapped textured cotton obi, and arm pieces made to look like arm wraps (but which easily fasten with velcro) completed the ensemble.  The hood is up so you can see more of the back of costume details.  We changed the orientation of the belt buckle from the original so it would not impale the customer's abdomen during stunt work.

Not currently available as a custom order.
If it were available as a custom order, a costume of this complexity (number of pieces, mixture of materials and level of detailing) would cost around $1250+ shipping and would require a minimum of 12 weeks lead time to create depending on our current schedule.

Custom Sith style outfit
7: Custom Sith Costume

A custom Sith costume in collaboration with the customer who provided very helpful detailed sketches and information about what he wanted for each layer. The costume pieces are made from black textured cotton, black linen/cotton blend, and charcoal gr
ey organic cotton twill. Red and black bias tape and black soutache braid provided accents and embellishment. Customer also kindly sent his shoulder armor pieces so that proper fit/layering could be done here in the studio - we did not make the leather shoulder armor.

Not currently available as a custom order.
Custom Sith Style Outfit
8: Rob's Wicked Sith Costume

A variation on the Sith theme in variously textured cottons based on the customer's great renderings outlining the look of each layer.  This same costume is shown below in action!  The exact fabrics are no longer available, but something similar may be substituted.  Generally speaking, depending on actual fabrics used, this ensemble costs $375 + shipping. This would include two single layer arm wraps in burgundy French twill, an obi with attached front sash in the same burgundy French twill, a black cotton twill surcoat with standing collar, a short sleeved tunic in another material (the fabric we used for this particular outfit is no longer available), and a black Kona cotton undertunic with long sleeves.   

Rob Warren in his custom Sith Outfit
Rob Warren in his custom Sith outfit
Thank you Rob, for providing the wicked photos!  This costume is also shown three photos above on our mannequin.

Peterson Worrell in his customized Sith style outfit at DragonCon 2013
Peterson Worrell in his customized Sith style outfit at Atlanta DragonCon 2013.  Thank you for sharing the great photo, Peterson!

Darth Nonymous
Darth Nonymous of Terra Prime Lightsaber Academy in his outfit created by us.

This was a unique costume that can not be replicated - these fabrics are no longer available.

Photo by Ria Frequency.
Unknown Sith Lord
An unknown Sith Lord steps out from the shadows....
Count Dooku Inspired Outfti Count Dooku Inspired Outfit Belt and Cloak Details
9: Count Dooku Inspired Costume

Custom ordered Dooku inspired costume: black cotton twill pants and tunic, custom leather belt, and brown wool cloak with quilted shoulders and copper lining.  The cloak clasp was extended into a chain closure by the addition of two sizes of chain links.
Custom Sith Style Outfit with Red Leather Belting
10: Brandon's Tunic, Appliqued Robe, Belts and Sashes

One of the unique Sith costumes we created in 2012. Based on a screen shot from a video game, we created a short sleeved textured black tunic (the sheen of the fabric makes it appear grey in the photos), black and red wool flannel appliqued hooded surcoat, leather belts with metal accents, and sashes/streamers that are reversible from textured on one side to cotton twill on the other that tie on at the waist. Customer will be wearing this with an existing obi and other costume components.  The textured black fabric used in the tunic and sashes/streamers is no longer available.

Generally speaking, a costume like this would cost around $550-650 depending on the materials used, the amount and type of trim, the leather and metal accents, whether the tunic itself would be cut and pieced by hand, etc.

Thank you Brandon for the great photo of this outfit in action!
Demon Hunter Costume
Custom Sith Style Outfit Back Belting Detail
Miraluka Sith Outfit
11: Miraluka Costume

A one of a kind custom order! This mixed media work of art was the result of taking light side Miraluka reference images and sending them to the Dark Side. The hand painted robe features couched leather cord, pleather, leather, and metal accents. Leather bracers also have hand painted and metal accents. We embellished the belt buckle and made the belt and belt pouches shown. Inner tunic features a textured and pieced insert front and fold back 'lapel' accents. Textured linen obi and sash drape with couched cord top off the main part of the ensemble. The hood/mask is made from a textured cotton embellished with leather, red glass, paint and bias tape. Necklace with real teeth was also included.  Detail images follow.  Special thanks to Life Force Glass in Kingsport, TN for the glass 'gem' used in the belt buckle.

Due to the intensive number of hours it took to create this item, a costume with a similar level of handwork, detailing, number of layers, variety of materials, etc. would likely cost about $1250 + shipping and take at least three months lead time to create.

Not currently available as a custom order.
Miraluka Sith Hood Miraluka Sith Outfit Back Detail
Miraluka Sith Outfit Front Detail Miraluka Outfit Bracers Detail
Dark side Miraluka at Celebration VI

Here's the final costume in action at Celebration VI.  
Dark Obi Wan
Dark Obi Wan Inspired Outfit
12: Dark Obi Wan Costume

Completed custom ordered Dark Obi Wan inspired outfit based on reference images seen here and here.

The innermost tunic was made from black 100% cotton broadcloth that was weathered down to brown in areas and distressed. The black crinkle 100% cotton long tunic/robe corresponding to Obi Wan's long cream colored tunic in ANH, long tabard and obi were also distressed and weathered to bring out reddish highlights.  The outer robe was made from a textured 100% cotton (the same fabric we used for the black Palpatine inspired robe below) that was distressed and hand painted with gray and blood red accents. Metal accessories were aged, and the belts were distressed to give the impression of age.  Faux teeth were incorporated into necklace accents and the brown true suede leather bag was hand cut and stitched to resemble the reference image.  The customer plans to add more faux bone and other accents to the draped cording, etc. over time.

Due to natural variations in the painting and distressing process and the uniqueness of some of the accessories, we will not be able to exactly replicate this ensemble in the future.

Something similar would likely cost between $615-650 plus shipping depending on the number of layers, details, types of fabric and other materials, etc.  It is possible to purchase only certain portions of the outfit, change the base colors, etc. Please see our Custom Orders page for details about our process and a list of questions at the top of the page that would be helpful to know to generate an accurate price estimate for you including shipping cost to your specific location.

A costume similar to this would likely take about eight weeks or longer to create depending on our current availability.
Dark Obi Wan Outfit Under Robe Dark Obi Wan Right Sleeve Distressing Details

Dark Obi Wan inspired outfit distressing details.
In October of 2014 we created another version of the Dark Obi Wan outfit (shown below), using slightly different fabrics, a different main belt, and did not create the extra belts, necklaces or pouches as the customer chose to create those himself.  Sadly, the material used on the outer robe of this version is no longer available, so we cannot exactly replicate this outfit again.
Dark Obi Wan October 2014 version
Dark Obi Wan October 2014 belt details
Dark Obi Wan October 2014 Bottom Hem Details Dark Obi Wan October 2014 Fabric Details
Dark Obi Wan October 2014 Neck Fabric Details This version of our Dark Obi Wan costume was custom created using black Kona Cotton for the undertunic, and black crinkle cotton for the inner robe, tabard and obi.  The outer robe was made from a textured black cotton material that is no longer commercially available.  The layers were distressed, treated with bleach to discolor them, and washed multiple times to give them a well-worn look.  The belt buckle was heat treated to age it, and the leather of the belt was also distressed to add the effect of age.

Dark Obi Wan/Senator October 2015

Custom ordered Dark Obi Wan variation - this character used to be well off, perhaps a Senator, then turned to the dark side. Some elements of splendor remain - the quilted inner tunic embellished with silver, silver stitching and detailing.

This exact costume cannot be replicated - it is one of a kind!

The reds are actually more burgundy - the camera shifted the color - other detail photos show a closer color representation.
Dark Obi Wan/Senator Costume Detail
Dark Obi Wan/Senator Costume Detail
Front Hem Detail of Dark Obi Wan/Senator

This costume was treated in three different chemical and dye baths to achieve the effect shown here, and also mechanically distressed.
Custom Sith Dress and Waist Cincher
13: Sith Dress, Waist Cincher and Arm Wraps

Custom created black and burgundy cotton twill dress made to look like overlaid tabards.  The gown features matching arm wraps and has slits from hemline to thigh level to allow for dramatic movement and interest.  Textured waist cincher was a more feminine take on an obi.  Shown here with a custom basket woven cotton regular style Jedi robe. 

Same style costume shown at right with purple cotton twill instead of the burgundy and a different textured waist cincher.
Jea'ann Custom Sith Outfit
Christopher in his black cotton Sith ensemble Christopher in his black cotton twill Sith style robe.
14: Christopher's Black Silk Noil Tunic Set with Charcoal Twill Inner Tunic and Wool Robe

Christopher McGill modeling his black silk noil tunic set, dark gray organic cotton undertunic, drawstring pants and black wool flannel robe.  Thank you for the great photos!  Note: we do not supply the leather belt or boots.   The silk noil tunic, obi and tabards are available as a Custom Order.  The tunic set (1 tunic, 2 normal length tabards, and 1 obi) costs $185, the cotton twill undertunic is $60 plus shipping costs.
Chris in his custom created hooded silk noil tunic 15: Hooded Black Silk Tunic

Chris modeling his new hooded silk noil tunic.  A hooded tunic like this in raw silk or linen would cost $85.  In a shirt weight cotton it would cost $60.
Custom Dark Jedi Linen and Cotton Costume Custom Dark Jedi Linen and Cotton Costume
Tom has kindly shared these photos of him in his custom created linen and cotton Dark Jedi outft.  Awesome photos by James Niland.
Black Crinkle Cotton Tunic Set with Red Outlining

Black and Royal Purple Custom Tunic Set
16: Crinkle Cotton Tunic Set with Red Edged Tabards/Obi

This custom ordered crinkle cotton tunic set featured sleeves  made narrower in the forearm to facilitate stage combat.

The edges of both tabards and the obi were embellished with red fold-over braid.  The tabards were backed with cotton twill to create a crisper effect, and can be worn with either side out for different looks.
17: Royal Purple and Black Appliqued Sith Costume

Custom order costume made to a customer's original artistic rendering and color specifications (same customer as the green costume with covered buttons at the front  shown above on this page). This costume is made from royal purple and black cotton twill, black Kona cotton, and textured black synthetic fabric.
Palpatine Style Cotton Robes Palpatine Style Robe Fabric Detail
18: Non-501st Compliant Emperor Palpatine Inspired Costume

A custom version of one of Emperor Palpatine's outfits, made from a fantastic black basket-weave textured cotton, with distressed grey cotton twill under-robe using reference images from Dressing a Galaxy. The black fabric used for this outfit is not the same as the crinkle cotton we use for our tunic sets. The customer chose a Blackened Gryphon clasp for the outer robe, as there does not appear to be a commercially available replica of the clasp that was used in the movies. This costume is shown here on our 6'2" mannequin.

There is a different version of this costume (particularly the inner robe design) shown in the 501st specs.  You may wish to check with your local group to see if our version shown here will also be acceptable before ordering.
We have not been able to locate an exact replica fabric for the outer robe, and the recently available shower curtain fabric is not something I can work with.

The materials used in this robe are no longer commercially available.

Palpatine style "Elephant" Robe
Kurt in his Palpatine style robe 19: Brown and Black Palpatine Inspired Costume

A custom ordered Palpatine inspired costume made from sturdy earth brown 100% cotton duck, and black crush and spot resistant velvet.  Decorative triangle element was a sheet of metal that was trimmed then embossed with a design to be similar to the original.
Galen Marek Inspired Jedi Costume
20: "Galen Marek" Inspired Costume

Custom ordered outfit inspired by the video game character "Galen Marek".  The outfit featured weathered black/charcoal gray cotton twill drawstring pants; "earth" colored brushed cotton twill asymmetrical tunic, wrap tie obi with sewn in saber loop (stand-in saber hilt shown here) and arm wraps, white crinkle cotton wide obi that could be 'scrunched' to create folds, and hooded white sleeveless inner tunic.  The customer will also be wearing a long sleeved white knit t-shirt.  Since we do not work with stretch/knit fabrics, this top could be purchased separately from a place like Under Armour.  This ensemble costs $395 + shipping.

Joshua Jarvis Dreaming Robes 21: Force II Inspired Tunic and Waist Tie

Based on a character from the video game "The Force II", this custom outfit consisted of a short-sleeved cotton osnaburg tunic with a shaped front and side slits.  A matching cotton osnaburg long, thin waist tie was also made for this outfit.  The customer purchased the remainder of the outfit from other places (leather pieces, belt, boots, etc.).

Thanks to Joshua Jarvis for modeling, and Katie Dickson for the photo!
Darth Nihilus Costume
22: Darth Nihilus Inspired Costume

Custom outfit based on Darth Nihilus. Our version of this costume (shown above) was created from black crinkle cotton, with the exception of the quilted black matte satin sleeves. Once the outfit was created, the various layers were shredded and distressed.  Shown here with veiling over the mannequin 'head' for photography purposes - this is not included with the costume, but can be purchased seperately for $30.   This is NOT made to the 501st Nihilus COTF suggested layer design guidelines (we made the ones shown here before those specs even existed), so this is my interpretation of the reference image viewable here.  I will continue creating this costume as shown here, not according to another costumer's interpretation of the same or similar image.

The total for the crinkle cotton obi, vest/sleeveless shirt directly under the obi, long under-robe with front facings and synthetic satin quilted ribbed sleeves, 'skirt' with drawstring waist, rectangular cloak gathered at the neckline (with or without hood) and some distressing will cost $410 +  shipping. The veil is an additional $30.   Everything but the quilted sleeves and the veiling is 100% cotton.

Custom Created Darth Nihilus Ensemble

This ensemble shown at left was a custom ordered outfit based on a drawing of the character Darth Nihilus, and was made from black 100% silk noil for the rectangular cloak, sleeveless hip length vest with sleeve caps, obi and skirt.  The robe length tunic was made from black silk noil with quilted black matte satin sleeves.  The outfit was distressed at the hemlines once completed.  

The customer provided his own mask and cowl combination, leather belt and gauntlets to go with this outfit.

Thank you for modelling, Andrew!
Photo by Debbie.

For custom made clothing similar to that shown here or in a different style please see our custom orders page then contact us for a price estimate - since this version was made from silk noil, it costs more than the crinkle cotton version shown above.
Sith Acolyte style robe with hand-painted sleeves

23: Sith Acolyte Inspired Painted Sleeve Robe

Custom ordered Sith Acolyte style robe made from 100% wool flannel with red painted sleeve stripes. We were surprised how many layers of paint were needed to reach this color saturation level.

The stripe effect may also be achieved via applique.

Base short sleeve robe price is $165 in black wool flannel, $125 in cotton twill.  Applique will add $30, painting will add $55.  Shipping is based on your location relative to Virginia.

Example image of applique on sleeves is Sith picture 3 above.
Darth Chaac
Darth Chaac...looking ominous!

Other Characters

This is a page of examples of costumes that we have
custom made in the past for enthusiastic fans.
See our Custom Orders page for details, tab at top of page.
We are unable to reproduce any of the costumes worn by Padme in the three prequel films.
Lando Clarissian style cloak
Custom ordered blue wool cloak with black pleather collar and gold dragon brocade lining for a Lando Calrissian inspired costume.  
We are no longer able to replicate this item.

Custom ordered Senator Chuchi style costume
This custom made ensemble was based on the character Senator Chuchi from the animated episode "Sphere of Influence."  The customer provided several very helpful stills from the show for reference, showing multiple angles of the costume.  I made this costume from plum organic 100% cotton twill with gold and mauve accent pieces and gold embroidered motifs at wrist, center front and on the collar.  The top was also fully lined with the same cotton twill and featured two invisible zippers.  The neck area of the mannequin above is larger than that of the customers and was not adjustable, so in real life the collar and front opening will be closer together.  We made models to mimic the metallic gold components and cast them in resin.  The customer decided to add the gold detailing shown in the episode to the skirt herself.