Fantasy Costume Portfolio

This page contains a small sampling of some of the many fantasy based costumes that we have created in the past. These items are not currently available for immediate purchase, but may be available as a custom order.   Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a costume simiar to those shown on this page.

Star Wars Inspired Custom Costumes

Custom Mace Windu style outfit in linen and cotton

Custom Mace Windu style outfit in linen and cotton.

This was a custom ordered Mace Windu style tunic set. The inner tunic was made from ivory 100% cotton, and the longer than usual length outer tunic with shoulder tucks and short side slits, tabards and obi were made from heavyweight natural 100% linen.

A similar ensemble would cost $285.00 including domestic shipping.

Mace Windu Inspired Costume

Mace Windu inspired costume.

Custom ordered Jedi style outfit with long natural heavyweight linen tunic with shoulder tucks and side slits, heavy weight brown crinkle cotton undertunic, and dark grey linen tabards and obi. This brown crinkle cotton is no longer available.

Desert Obi Wan inspired costume

Desert Obi Wan inspired costume.

Custom ordered Ep IV Obi Wan inspired costume in lightweight brown and tan crinkle cotton with brown wool flannel robe. This costume was hand dyed, distressed and painted to appear aged and 'dirty'.

This costume was created for the Book People Jedi Training Camp in Austin, TX.

Custom ordered mix and match red and black sith costumes

Custom Ordered Mix and Match Sith Outfits in Red and Black.

Custom ordered Sith costume components in cotton, linen and wool. For items that are ready made and available now for immediate shipment, please see our Men's Costumes for Sale page.

These mix-and-match pieces allow for maximum versatility - the customer can pick and choose what combination to wear to have a variety of looks - as shown, or all black, all red, mostly red with black accents, etc.

Components included long sleeved wool flannel robes with trim at sleeve ends and front opening/hoods ($255 each), cotton twill drawstring pants ($68 each), shirt weight cotton inner tunics ($60 each), shirt weight cotton tunics with hoods ($80 each), linen tunics with shoulder tucks ($95 each), shaped linen tabards ($75 each set of two), linen obis ($45 each), single layer linen or basketweave textured cotton sash drapes with embellishments ($40 each), and leather belts ($85 - $95 each, depending on size).

Prices shown here are current as of September 2017 and do not include shipping.

Robs Wicked Sith Custom Costume

Robs Wicked Sith Custom Costume

A variation on the Sith theme in variously textured cottons based on the customer's great renderings outlining the look of each layer. You can see this outfit in action on our Jedi/Sith Customer Gallery. The exact fabrics are no longer available, but something similar may be substituted.

Depending on actual fabrics used, this ensemble costs $425. This would include two single layer arm wraps in burgundy French twill, an obi with attached front sash in the same burgundy French twill, a black cotton twill surcoat with standing collar, a short sleeved tunic in another material (the fabric we used for this particular outfit is no longer available), and a black Kona cotton undertunic with long sleeves.

Dark Obi Wan

Dark Obi Wan Costume

Completed custom ordered Dark Obi Wan inspired outfit based on reference images seen here and here.

The innermost tunic was made from black 100% cotton broadcloth that was weathered down to brown in areas and distressed. The black crinkle 100% cotton long tunic/robe corresponding to Obi Wan's long cream colored tunic in ANH, long tabard and obi were also distressed and weathered to bring out reddish highlights. The outer robe was made from a textured 100% cotton (the same fabric we used for the black Palpatine inspired robe below) that was distressed and hand painted with gray and blood red accents. Metal accessories were aged, and the belts were distressed to give the impression of age. Faux teeth were incorporated into necklace accents and the brown true suede leather bag was hand cut and stitched to resemble the reference image. The customer plans to add more faux bone and other accents to the draped cording, etc. over time.

Due to natural variations in the painting and distressing process and the uniqueness of some of the accessories, we will not be able to exactly replicate this ensemble in the future.

Something similar would likely cost between $700-750 depending on the number of layers, details, types of fabric and other materials, etc. It is possible to purchase only certain portions of the outfit, change the base colors, etc. Please see our Custom Orders page for details about our process and a list of questions at the top of the page that would be helpful to know to generate an accurate price estimate for you including shipping cost to your specific location.

A costume similar to this would likely take about eight weeks or longer to create depending on our current availability.

Dark Obi Wan 2014 Version

Dark Obi Wan Costume 2014

In October of 2014 we created another version of the Dark Obi Wan outfit, using slightly different fabrics, a different main belt, and did not create the extra belts, necklaces or pouches as the customer chose to create those himself. Sadly, the material used on the outer robe of this version is no longer available, so we cannot exactly replicate this outfit again.

Black Crinkle Cotton Tunic Set with Red Outlining

Black Crinkle Cotton Tunic Set with Red Outlining

This custom ordered crinkle cotton tunic set featured sleeves made narrower in the forearm to facilitate stage combat.

The edges of both tabards and the obi were embellished with red fold-over braid. The tabards were backed with cotton twill to create a crisper effect, and can be worn with either side out for different looks.

Darth Nihilus Costume

Darth Nihilus Costume

Custom outfit based on Darth Nihilus. Our version of this costume was created from black crinkle cotton, with the exception of the quilted black matte satin sleeves. Once the outfit was created, the various layers were shredded and distressed. Shown here with veiling over the mannequin 'head' for photography purposes - this is not included with the costume, but can be purchased seperately for $30. This is NOT made to the 501st Nihilus COTF suggested layer design guidelines (we made the ones shown here before those specs even existed), so this is my interpretation of this cosutme. I will continue creating this costume as shown here, not according to another costumer's interpretation of the same or similar image.

The total for the crinkle cotton obi, vest/sleeveless shirt directly under the obi, long under-robe with front facings and synthetic satin quilted ribbed sleeves, 'skirt' with drawstring waist, rectangular cloak gathered at the neckline (with or without hood) and some distressing will cost $480. The veil is an additional $30. Everything but the quilted sleeves and the veiling is 100% cotton.

Sith Acolyte style robe with hand-painted sleeves

Sith Acolyte style robe with hand-painted sleeves.

Custom ordered Sith Acolyte style robe made from 100% wool flannel with red painted sleeve stripes. We were surprised how many layers of paint were needed to reach this color saturation level. The stripe effect may also be achieved via applique.

Base short sleeve robe price is $185 in black wool flannel, $135 in cotton twill. Applique will add $50, painting will add $75. Shipping is based on your location relative to Virginia.

Harry Potter Inspired Custom Costumes

Harry Potter House Robes Robes

Harry Potter Style House Robes

The style shown here is the wizard school student robe like those in the more recent movies. We have also created unlined wizard student robes similar to the first two movies.

Made from durable black 100% cotton twill to your measurement specifications, the interior is 100% cotton broadcloth in your choice of color for the hood, facings and sleeve lining, and black satin through the robe body. The robe features a two button and loop front closure and a pointed hood. Wand pockets available upon request.

These robes cost $285 without a house patch.

As there are many patch styles to choose from, we ask you to purchase your favorite style/size of patch and have the patch sent directly to us while we are constructing your robe.

Please see our Custom Orders page for details of the process.

Thank you, Eric, for this fantasic photo! Photo by Rachel Ternes, used here with permission.

Harry Potter Style Dress Robes

Harry Potter Style Formal Dress Robe

This 'dress robe' is modeled after the one Harry wore at the Yule Ball. Made from 100% wool flannel fully lined with heavy matte black satin with a wand pocket and inner breast pocket, this fancy dress robe also featured a shoulder cape, fold down collar and sleeve detail from the same matte black satin.

Custom Created Professor Quirrel Style Cloak

Custom Created Professor Quirrel Style Cloak

Inspired by Professor Quirrell's costume, this custom ordered robe was crafted from charcoal and pale gray wool herringbone and was fully lined with black cotton twill. It features long open hanging sleeves and a box pleated back. Center front closes via hidden coat hook and eyes.

A similar fully lined robe in coat weight wool would cost $525 - we will need to verify current fabric costs at the time of order placement.

Potions Master Inspired Ensemble with Silk Robe Side View

Potions Master Inspired Ensemble with Silk Robe Side View

Potions Master Inspired Ensemble with Silk Robe Back View

Potions Master Inspired Ensemble with Silk Back Side View

After a few years' worth of research and experience and a lucky find with a Victorian era historic pattern to modify for the robe, we had the opportunity to create a Potions Master's outfit from (nearly) the skin out.

The white cotton shirt was made in a Victorian style with bib front, vintage mother of pearl buttons, tall collar and long cuffs. The medium weight black silk crepe cravat was created from the same fabric as the robe. The black wool flannel frock coat and matching trousers were lined with sturdy cotton and featured many, many fully functional buttons covered with the same wool flannel. The coat buttoned from the elbow to cuffs and from chin to waistline. The fitted trousers buttoned at the outside ankle and have a small slit at the inner ankle. Though these pictures do not show them, there are two functional pockets with flaps on the frock coat as well. The billowing and dramatic black silk crepe robe features tiny pleats gathering the back and sleeves into the shoulder yoke, a short train and center back vent.

This costume is not currently available as a custom order.

Lord of the Rings Inspired Custom Costumes

Gandalf Inspired Costume

Gandalf or Grey Wizard Inspired Costume

This custom ordered grey wizard costume was made from over 10 yards of heavily textured 100% linen which was box pleated into a shoulder yoke. There was decorative machine stitching at the hemlines and edge of the yoke for visual interest. The cloak with hood added at customer's request was made from a textured grey 100% wool and featured a tie at the neck. Two found belts were joined to make the belt shown here. A costume similar to that shown here made from comparable materials and with this level of detail would cost around $695. Please see our Custom Orders page for information, and allow at least eight weeks lead time for production (depending on our current availability).

Elrond Style Embroidered Silk Ensemble

Elrond Inspired Silk Outfit

Inspired by Elrond's various outfits, this gold silk dupioni robe is embroidered in dark gold threads at the sleeve ends, yoke, shoulders and petal shaped hem. Red silk dupioni sash belt laces with gold cord through matching grommets at the back, front of belt drape is embroidered in a dark gold art nouveau motif. A matching pair of red silk dupioni drawstring pants are worn underneath the robe.

This outfit requires between 4-12 weeks lead time to create, depending on the time of year and our current production schedule. If you need this ensemble for Halloween, it must be ordered prior to August 1st to ensure that we have time to special order materials in your choice of colors, embroider and create the outfit. Cost for this outfit will depend on current fabric cost as these can fluctuate without warning from our fabric sources. For more information about our Custom Order process, please visit our Custom Orders page.

Boromir Style Hand Dyed and Embroidered Silk Satin Tunic

Boromir Style Hand Dyed and Embroidered Silk Satin Tunic

This Boromir inspired tunic was created as a custom order from hand dyed burgundy silk satin with a black crush and spot resistant velvet collar. A series of gold dots were embroidered on the sleeves, then 98 beads were individually hand sewn in place in a pattern similar to the original. Gold Venise lace was cut and appliqued at the hem of the self-lined sleeves and onto a background of the hand dyed silk to make a trim for the collar.

Theoden Inspired Ensemble

Theoden Inspired Ensemble

Theoden Inspired Outfit Neck Embroidery Detail

Theoden Inspired Outfit Neck Embroidery Detail

Theoden Inspired Ensemble

Theoden Inspired Ensemble

Theoden inspired costume ensemble: gold embroidered brown cotton velvet jerkin; burgundy and black linen undertunic with embroidery on yoke, collar, and attached "gauntlet" cuffs; and half circle hunter wool flannel cloak lined with burgundy satin and trimmed with gold braid. This version also included a one-of-a-kind hand-made leather belt with Celtic themed brass tip and buckle that cannot be replicated.

There are over a quarter of a million embroidered stitches in this ensemble! We used various references to carefully digitize these designs for embroidering. The "gauntlet" cuff design was not clearly visible enough in references to digitize, so we used a horse-themed design instead.

Costumes from other Fantasy Worlds

Eric Scull as Robin Hood

Eric Scull as Robin Hood

This custom ordered ensemble was based on Robin's costume in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Using the many detailed reference images kindly provided by the customer, we created the hat, shirt, jerkin, leather belts, arm guard, and belt pouch. The hunter wool melton hat was accented with a pheasant feather, decorative stitching and buttons. The brown faux suede jerkin was lined with brown cotton twill and embellished with leather shapes and nickel studs and closed via laces at the front with a series of gold tone grommets. The 100% cotton shirt was tea dyed and featured a fabulously large collar. The fabric belt pouch was patterned after the one shown in the film stills and featured a wooden toggle button.

Many thanks to Eric Scull for a fun collaborative process and to both Eric and Cassidy for the fantastic photo!

John Pertwee Style Red Lined Dr Who Cloak

John Pertwee Era Red Lined Dr Who Style Cloak

This Inverness style cloak was based on that worn by the third Dr Who, and was made from black 100% wool flannel lined with synthetic red matte satin. This is different from the purple lined cloak just above in that there is a facing at the front, and the shoulder cape is split in the back, covering the shoulders and arms only. This cloak also features a cotton velvet collar, five handmade toggle and loop cord closures with five loops each to be closer to the original reference image and wide arm holes.

Thank you Daniel for the great photos!

Nicole as Dr Who

Nicole as Dr Who (courtesy King of the Nerds)

Nicole modeling the Pertwee style Dr. Who cloak we created for her!

She was a contestant on the second season of King of the Nerds. Promo photo (c) TBS/TNT, used here with permission.

Ben as the Squire of Gothos

Ben as the Squire of Gothos

A one of a kind Squire of Gothos inspired costume, modeled by Ben.

Thank you for the great photo!

Brandon as Dr. Hugo Strange at Dallas ComiCon

Brandon as Dr. Hugo Strange at Dallas ComiCon

The other Dr. Strange. This costume was based on the lab coat worn by Dr. Hugo Strange as depicted in the Arkham City video game. Thank you Brandon, for sharing the great photo, taken by Brian Lansangan, and used here with permission.

The Embroidered Snowflake Wearable Art Cloak

The Embroidered Snowflake Wearable Art Cloak

Photo by Nina Rizzo. Copyright 2007.

Silver snowflakes in different shapes and sizes are embroidered in waves around the hem of this midnight blue wool silver satin lined cloak. The snowflakes were researched and digitized from actual ice crystal photo records, then painstakingly machine embroidered over the course of many hours.

Just as snowflakes are unique, this wearable art cloak will never be exactly repeated, but a similar one may be available on our Cloaks for Sale page.

Cardinal Red Wool Snowflake Cloak

Cardinal Red Wool Snowflake Cloak

Photo by Nina Rizzo. Copyright 2007.

This cardinal wool version of our embroidered Snowflake cloak was fully lined with heavy white satin throughout the cloak body and with white velboa short pile faux fur (or like a very long pile velvet) in the hood. The velboa folded to the outside edge of the hood as a border.